Wrath Classic Feedback and Decisions

Not having RDF means that I probably will never be able to experience any dungeon content until I am max level. I really want to do a dungeon but I mostly play solo and don’t have many friends. I am also a casual and don’t have two hours to set up a dungeon run and wait around trying to get a group only to get rejected because I am the wrong class or spec or whatever the reason.

I am so sad I won’t be able to play dungeons in wrath. Blizzard just took away one of the best parts of the game from me and then told me it was for my own good.


Any plans to re merge OCE PvP with NA?


They will most likely allow you to choose which heroic/normal boss you want to do without being exactly saved to one or the other. They implemented this in Wrath. I may have worded it weird, but you should be able to choose what difficulty you want to do the boss on in the raid without fear of being locked out from heroic or normal.

You can expect me to not renew my subscription. Thanks.


it is broken. you aren’t smart enough to comprehend that.


Fresh servers will launch with pre-patch, and we’ll have that date for you in a separate announcement along with other nearby dates for context.

The next couple of months are pretty busy, so we want the schedule to be as clear as possible. :heart:


I run it all the time. All I do is type “LFG H MGT” in the lfg chat and I get an invite, sometimes I have to whisper a group when they are looking for more but I still get invites.


Wait this doesn’t make sense… if we go in 25 man TOGC (Heroic) we won’t be able to run 25 man TOC (normal) at all? So if we are progressing and need the loot from normal we’re screwed?

Please tell me there is a toggle to swap the difficulty in raid like in ICC then.


Thanks for the update. I might dabble in a fresh server. :slight_smile:

ICC was always like this, only TotC is changing, if they implement in in the ICC way it’ll be fine (you can change per boss)


Giving into FOTM re-rollers is nurturing and protecting social experiences? :rofl:


that’s not an update. Ofc they’ll be ready for prepatch. They’re not supposed to be here until prepatch lmao

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They will most likely implement allowing to choose what difficulty you want to do while in the dungeon. The Individual bosses will be saved, not the whole raid. This was originally implemented in wrath in 3.3.0 the ICC patch.

Bye wrath… not getting my money


Ok, even if it’s not an update, it’s still reiterating what they already said that apparently people couldn’t read.


Also, imagine being in a Pug run of a 25m heroic and the group falls apart at first boss

now you cant go to normal and get easier loot


We already knew this. This is a non-answer response. Thanks lol


Please Pazorax tell me how will you tackle the faction imbalance problems you’ll introduce with the faction change?
Why not leave it to only race changes!


If the implement it like ICC that won’t be a problem.

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oh please, we all know you are going to add it in in phase 2 after everyone has used their boosts, at the same time you add in the race/faction changes.

youve been doing this crap for the past 8+ years, you have something terrible, the players tell you how to fix it, you say it cant be changed or are just being stubborn and won’t change it, and then halfway through the expansion you claim to have “listened to the players” and changed the thing we had been asking for this whole time.

WoD had flying, Legion had Legendaries and AP, BfA had AP/corruptions/HoA, SL had legiondaries/Torghast/Anima