Wrath Classic Feedback and Decisions

read it again. You’re wrong.


But does RDF keep you from forming pugs? If there are so many of you out there that hate RDF you should have enough people to form pugs right?


If only this were true… but DF is easily the most overhyped expansion ever… and thats saying a LOT.

Cool they added talent trees… what else ya got for actual content that is FUN. Oh… nothing? Got it.


These people have no idea what they’re doing.

All they had to do was release the game how it was and it would of been a homerun but they just keep striking out.

I can’t wait to spam chat for groups and invites while I sit in Dalaran.


Is Brewfest going to be out at launch?

We’d like to let you change between normal/heroic per-boss in both ToC and ICC, but we’re not ready to commit to that yet. We’ll know more as ToC gets closer and we have more time to look at how its built, and how hard it would be to change.

All I’m confirming in this post is that you definitely won’t be able to do both difficulties in the same week, and that you definitely CAN do 10 and 25-player versions in the same week, since that was previously something we were considering doing differently.


Uh, you can do 10 and 25 heroic

you can’t do 10n and 10h.


It does exist, I’ve experienced it many times. And I actually like the group forming and the run to the dungeon. Believe it or not some people care about more than just speedrunning a reward. I play the game to interact with people, AND for the dungeon experience, AND for the reward. Not just the reward.


and you can still do that even with RDF.


Thank you so much for the update!

dont change the lockouts… just bad changes, leave it be


I hope the LFG tool is massively improved if that is all we are going to have…the current iteration is unusable. I basically stopped at 70 in TBCC, one of the reasons being is I don’t have the free time or patience to spam LFG for 2-3 x the time it takes to actually run a dungeon to maybe find a group. I suppose I will simply run heroics at the start of WotLK Classic for the first few weeks and then stop until the later patch dungeons arrive and/or you realize the mistake keeping RDF is out of the game and add it. Disappointing to say the least.


Blizzard is based af, lets give you the paid feature we took away, then changed our mind because we want more money, with the excuse that its a “player focused” change (or revert). But when its something they dont want to do even though players want it, THEN they fall back on their petty excuse of we want to “preserve the original”. I know no one at Blizzard currently even played Wrath, but just so they can get a refresher, if i want to raid on my alt, its either I’m a pure buyer in a gdkp, probably expected to pay 5-10k+ just to play or I have to link an Achievement on my alt that they’ve already completed it. Even if its the entry level raid like Naxx.


So you listen to player about race change that the minority wants and dont listen abour RDF that the majority want. LMAO


for friendship.


Do we know if more people are gunna be getting into beta soon? Would love to be able to provide feedback on some of this stuff.

Dragonriding looks FUN. It’s a system, not content, but so is RDF. Also, it seems DF isn’t being completely mishandled like Wrath.


Yea, I wasn’t implying that’s what you WERE doing, but probably how you would like it to be if possible.

But with RDF you can still do it though? I’m confused? If so many people don’t want RDF there should be plenty of you out there to form pugs and not use it if it were to be implemented.

Hell make servers with RDF enabled and then you all can have your own pug only server. Is there any harm in that…or are you afraid it will be a dead server because you would be in the minority?


We want Wrath of the Lich King, not your attempts at a social experiment. At the very least, let the player decide whether they want to form a group using your bulletin or by means of dungeon finder. Stop trying to control how people play the game.