Wrath Classic Feedback and Decisions

oh please, we all know you are going to add it in in phase 2 after everyone has used their boosts, at the same time you add in the race/faction changes.

youve been doing this crap for the past 8+ years, you have something terrible, the players tell you how to fix it, you say it cant be changed or are just being stubborn and won’t change it, and then halfway through the expansion you claim to have “listened to the players” and changed the thing we had been asking for this whole time.

WoD had flying, Legion had Legendaries and AP, BfA had AP/corruptions/HoA, SL had legiondaries/Torghast/Anima


You will most likely be saved on a per boss basis instead of a full raid lockout, just like it was implemented in 3.3.0. People would switch to LOL lootship all the time on heroic and then switch back for Saurfang


nope. Not something I even considered.

This is absurd, who in there right mind thinks its okay to share lockouts for Normal and Heroic. Casuals can do normals with friends and those who care to play more can do slow progress in Heroic. If the game is as intended, everyone should be stuck on a few bosses of Heroic, Normal should be for fun raids and loot acting as a supplement to achieve defeating Heroic difficulty. Imagine a raid disbanding in Heroic because of one sour apple and now your locked and lose all hope of getting gear. Please Please have this reverted, terrible change, not very thought out if its believed this change will help “aim to nurture and protect social experiences,” by reducing the amount of content you get to do that in.


I’m running out of cheetos and I’m on my third beanbag chair, please hurry.

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To clarify, Ulduar will work as it did originally. We’re not actually adding an additional Difficulty setting to Ulduar, only the hard-modes that it originally had. Since the hard modes are triggered by mechanics on the normal-mode bosses, they’re already part of the same lockout.

As you said, Trial of the Crusader was the only outlier, which is why we’re making a change there.


Remember blizzard there is a large majority of the player base not on the forums who are happy about no RDF. DONT ADD RDF the people who want it dont even play classic.


uhhh it’s not absurd. it’s how it always is. There’s nothing to “revert” to because it’s always been this way.

slow clap

The large majority of the playerbase apparently who is scared of a tool they don’t have to use.

To clarify my point - if you’re so scared of it being added because people will use it, then you’re not the majority.


No, but once a couple of you arrive, you can use the meeting stone to summon appropriately leveled party members to join you.


Can you tell us where dead servers are moving to, so the destination is not just a surprise on maintenance day?


No, there isn’t. I am not sure why are you talking just to be sour and negative but we don’t need it. The vast majority WANT RDF. Don’t assume people not saying anything on the forum want or don’t want something. That is just b/s.


Can we get an ETA on this next announcement?


Pazorax dropping bombshells omg

Maybe you guys can stop lying about listening to feeback since you still do not have lfd in the game. It’s insulting the playerbase. Just come out and say you guys have some delusional take on classic “purity”.


“Please announce the announcement announcing the announcement announcement”


Aside from having to be level 15, aren’t summoning stones no longer restricted by level?


I think that’s a great idea.

correct, tested that on beta.

This is a huge mistake, you’re killing arguably the best expansion of WoW… you’ll see when the game tanks, it’s already almost impossible to get a low level dungeon.

old world will be dead… 2 months max before people give up and half your servers are ghost towns.

It was the best expansion originally for a reason… you guys don’t seem to understand this… congrats on destroying Wrath for the people who have been doing things in classic waiting for it.