WQ rewards changed when flying into zone?

I was replying to Junqy with regard to his comment, but yeah the whole WQ scaling issue definitely needs to be looked into and fixed as well

Yes, WQ rewards. That and the Story Line quests. That’s all I play.

Yeah I was speaking to you specifically about your previous post. You mentioned drops so I thought you meant like world drops off of killing mobs rather than the actual quest rewards, but IMO the rewards should scale up accordingly as you go rather than being a set item level because eventually you will hit a point where nothing you get will be an upgrade outside of 5 mans

Yes, I know. Same thing in BFA.

I have seen this happen in BfA as well.

well they either did a hotfix or I hit a sweet spot flying because now the WQ’s didnt change levels when I flew into the zone. So buggy, so so buggy.

An example, just now:

The WQ “A Steward for Every Occasion” in Bastion offers me the trinket “Misfiring Centurion Controller” as a reward. When I first logged on, in Revendreth, it was displayed as level 164 in the tooltip on the map. I hearthed to Oribos and it still showed as 164. I hopped on a mount to Bastion, enetered Bastion airspace and it still showed as 164. But pretty much the second I reached land (but still flying) it switched to showing it as level 151.

Other item rewards, from WQs in other zones, appear to have dropped ilevel around the same time.

What’s your item level?

Guessing you need to be 171.6 or something silly like that to see the “updated” wq rewards. Reminds me of bfa emissary caches.

My issue isn’t that the item rewards aren’t high enough, it’s that their levels change from first viewing to when you get to the zone.

There seem to be two different complaints being discussed in this thread:
(i) That the advertised ilevels of rewards change when you zone in. This is what the OP posted about.
(ii) That the reward levels are too low to be worthwhile for your current ilevel. This wasn’t what the OP referred to but has become a common complaint here.

The second one seems like it’s getting hotfixed at least.

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I’ve had a command table reward get replaced with a completely different item upon completing it. Granted, I wasn’t really aiming for the piece, but rather the other reward “Unlock better adventures”, but it was still weird.

The bug or mislabeling involving wq gear reward ilvl affects Kryrian too.

This is still happening!!! Glaive in ardenweld showing as ilvl 161, when I fly there it changes to 151.

I am ilvl 160 so the 161 reward would be the correct one. Why do blizzards ‘hotfixes’ never work!?!!?

today while doing wq’s with a buddy I said to him hey lets go get that conduit it will be nice for us, he says what conduit its a gold quest. Apparently he saw the reward as gold and i saw it as a conduit. not sure how this can happen since we are both arcane mages roughly the same ilvl and in the same covenant playing on the same realm.

It “worked” for Venthyr. My DH sees “good” gear (as good as a 176 can) on screen and pickup.

My fae and kyrian have me going I got nothing here. 158 stuff…they are 172 to 174.

My DH is Venthyr as well so I don’t think it’s that, it seems to be sometimes it shows correctly and others it doesn’t. It is really buggy. Your DH has just lucked out is all.

Same thing just happened to me, WQ said 165 when I was in the same area as the WQ but the actual reward was 155. Waste of time.

Damn, I hoped it was fixed, but I’ve experienced a bunch of rewards decreasing in ilevel when I went to actually do them.

Right now I see a WQ in Maldraxxus, “A Few Bumps Along the Way” that offers me a 174 chest, but only when I’m in Oribos. The advertised reward drops to 164 (useless) when I view it in Maldraxxus. I return to Oribos and it says the reward is 174 again. :stuck_out_tongue:

has to do with the zones not being tied together, no shared shared seamless border. Your not flying in your zoning in aka Nazjitar Argus style.

Try just doing the quest. A couple of times now I have gotten item level drops different than what the quest level said - usually higher. The drops scale based on your gear, I think.