WQ Pet Battles in Shadowlands content is WAY too overtuned

today I have attempted all of the SL world quest pet battles are they are the opposite of fun. I ave teams where every single one of my type is a counter to theirs, every hit is a strong attack, but the STILL do more than double my damage with WEAK hits?

Who even designed this? this defeats the entire purpose of counter in turn-based combat. I will literally look up a guide and in the guide they aren’t using counter pets. How does that crap make ANY sense?

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You can do them with level 1 pets. They’ll level up a bit each time, but the tamers will level down to the average of your pets. They’ll have fewer abilities too so the fights will be easier.

Also Xu-Fu’s is a good resource for pet teams that can beat the WQ tamers;


I agree. For dailies, they should be as difficult as an average daily quest (which is really just a time investment).

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They’re really not. Only annoying or overtuned one I’d say is glitterdust (RNG)

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