WPvP...is it healthy?

WPVP as we knew it is dead. at the most you will find a 5 v 5 fight for maybe 1-3 mins before the horde overpower the alliance and it becomes a 15 v 5. Here are the problems with WPVP:

-Not Enough Alliance have WM on.
-ZERO real incentives to turn WM on.
-No more rivalries as most people you see in WM will be off realm

Sadly WM and sharding will never go away but if blizz actually cared to help wpvp they would re-introduce real incentives to do it, I am talking Korthite Crystals or Embers as WM on rewards, 252 ILVL weekly quests, Create hot spots where the objective is not to do an assault but to beat the dodo out of each other. or better yet learn from TBC and create wpvp objectives in the world again.

TL;DR: Give us a reason to turn WM on.


Howdy all. Returning player here.

I’ve quietly been calling ED home since the beginning of Legion and have been playing since WotLK. I’ve met a lot of great players and fun people on this realm.

I took a rl break midway through BfA. Have always played Warriors or Rogues but when I recently decided to come back, I got the crazy urge to level a Holy Pally. Who knew. Anyway… Lol.

I saw Shamzakel hanging out in SW the other day and it felt like I was home again.

I’m out here, WM on (even at this low level), ready to pop off heals for anyone in need. Death is but a minor inconvenience to me so bring it on!


In ED’s prime this would have been a mistake to say. Now a days I doubt anyone you see in game will know you posted it. How the times have changed for the worst

I had to try. Lol.

Get clapped Zarrett :kissing:


Seems there are at least a couple players here who still watch these forums and make the best of it.

Raises a hefty pint of stout and nods at Jimmirus.

“Fer Ironforge and the Alliance lad.”

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