WPVP wah wah wah

Seriously though, can we get more flight masters, resources, and mob spawns ? This map was perfect for 4-5k players back in Vanilla but not 10K+ in Classic. You guys were pretty shortsighted with this one, hopefully half the player base doesn’t quit before BG’s because farming/questing (playing the majority of the game) is un-doable right now.


Here’s some good news


Meh. That’s what you signed up for when you went PvP. The only problem I have with farming questing on my classic character is getting enough felcloth for my Robe of the Void. Seriously, 40 felcoth? Ouch.

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Try soloing maraudon or DM E for cash and just buy the felcloth :wink:

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Is it even worth making robe of the void now?

where do u get 10k+?

When I signed up for PvP I didn’t expect the entirety of searing gorge to be camped. Aswell as all the flight masters being camped by RAIDS. Last night there was a raid of 20 on the Theramore boat, killing everyone on the boat – then when you cross into Kalimdor you respawn on the boat only to be killed again, so painful it was hysterical. I highly doubt this is what they had in mind, even for PvP servers :slight_smile:

Well, it is something I can work toward, since I’m a casual player in a casual guild, and not going to be doing PvP. And it is still a solid piece, until I replace it with something from later raids.

I’ll trade 40 felcloth for 10 essence of water (the big one) fire wind and earth any day. Even with your 12 fires those are the cheapest one due to all the guilds clearing MC.

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Yeah from what I’ve seen the essence of fire is the one that cost more. Felcloth(server dependent) is like 2g a piece. Essence of water, is like 40-60(server dependent)

Pvp seems to have happened on a pvp server again. This is getting old -Undead Rogue

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The can’t fix caps apparently. They tried. I bet they tried super hard but demand on certain servers was just too high and putting people in queues was unacceptable to the Devs. They made a calculated fix called: BGs in December.

Dire Maul E is a great source; so are the mobs in Aszarah

It’s a great robe, so I would say “yes.”

As opposed to say robes of the winter night? Which cost 12 felcloth

I think RotV is better for a lock +14 stam is > +12 Int; plus free pet heal and +46 to all damage as opposed to +40 to just shadow damage.

Overall, I think RotV is well worth the extra effort. Plus, it’s a beautiful robe.

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I love the “you signed up For PvP” argument. Those people are just worried about the fact that they ruined people’s experiences and are now going to reap the fruits of their own choices. Its pretty clear that Paid Transfers to PvE Servers Should be Allowed

Robes of Winter Night are nice… but Robe of the Void is better, especially for a Demonology Warlock like myself. Stamina is always good. More shadow damage is great. And an emergency heal for my pet, is a big plus. Even when my Succubus isn’t great against the mobs I’m facing, Soul Link means the longer she stays up, the more damage I can take.