WoWCast Developer Chat: Go Into the War Within

WoWCast Developer Chat: Go Into the War Within

Join Game Director Ion Hazzikostas and Associate Art Director Tina Wang as they sit down with Community Manager and host Bethany Stout to take you into The War Within™.

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You’re going to try to tell me that the LEGION can’t take down Dalaran, but a bunch of stinky bugs can blow up Dalaran and take out our boy Khadgar?

Maw/Shadowlands opening vibes.

Taliesin can keep invoking “Legion Legion Legion” over and over when talking about War Within but all I see is the gap between the Legion and a bunch of stinky bugs. New enemies showing up and we’re supposed to believe that these guys are on the same level as the Legion? Stop it. Stop doing this.

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Yes, we should have some stakes, DF failed because you couldn’t establish the Primalists as a legitimate threat, but no, sorry, no, blowing up Dalaran doesn’t immediately buy me in that this is a legitimate threat.

Maybe you guys (Blizzard) should have put in the work and started seeding the lore that these Nerubians are a serious threat in DF, but as it is, I don’t buy it. I just don’t buy it.


siege of boralus and grim batol coming for s1 /cry

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Arachnaphobia filter is pretty adorable! Also love the personalized Delve instance transition and tech.


Mists coming back :face_with_hand_over_mouth::rofl:

3/4 heroes are alliance

Woo another alliance xpac

For all we know at the end of this roller coaster Stormwind could be devastated and on fire and Ironforge becomes the new big capital for now.

Should have been ironforge all along. Humans are boring.


The work order system is the least of the issues with professions, but I knew, going in, that the new system was kind of in a “beta state” anyway.

My recommendations, which really haven’t changed from when I first started getting involved with the new system:

The 1-100 “leveling” system and the “talent point” end-game system cannot be concurrent. The systems compete with each other, and not in good ways. The end result is that unless you are 100% into professions, you cannot easily complete either the initial 1-100 experience (recipes/nodes grey out) nor do you acquire the “points” necessary to build out the end-game to acquire the recipes that can award skill-ups. You should not need to require DMF to level professions.

Solution: Have the 1-100 profession leveling be concurrent with the “70-80” questing experience, with basically recipes and nodes always awarding skill ups. Once you achieve 100 skill ups, THEN you progress to profession end game. This allows folks to at least cap a basic profession on alts, while allowing those who want to do end-game professions the wherewithal to pursue it without having to juggle the skill-ups.

Do not put dungeon or raid requirements on professions. No more altar of decays or critical potion recipes in raids. If you want these things to be attainable only by raiders only, the system is in place BoP drops in raids that can be “lent” to the crafter: For cauldrons, a BoP caldron drops and the player submits an order to have that cauldron filled by an alchemist. The alchemist doesn’t have to step foot in a raid, and the raider gets a cauldron without needing to sink time into alchemy. I would even go on to say that Blizzard should borrow from Legion - instead of sending players all over the place to craft something, have there be a quest where you go to get something that unlocks that specific crafting back at the “home base” So your tailoring station is customized and enhanced as you delve deeper into the profession. You get quests to unlock things (a la Legion) but you still largely work around the crafting center.

For nodes, we have to stop with these shared nodes with one item being almost omnipresent and the rest rarely found based on RNG. I get having that one rare “lotus"-style herb but not four of them. Furthermore, we need to stop with requiring dozens if not hundreds of an item. Or at least, add some gameplay:

  1. Mining - let’s go back to requiring ingots/bars, so you mine the ore and then make metal bars for blacksmithing (which destroys any gems). That was fine gameplay and no need to remove that.
  2. Skinning - What happened with scraps? Leatherworkers used to be able to make leather from scraps - bring that back.
  3. Herbs - again, stop with the RNG. Bring back lotuses (one lotus, if you please just make them exceedingly rare). Make sure that there is no situation where every herb is gray - you should always get a skill up for herbing until you cap.
  4. Alchemy - I still say alchemy is missing a lot of interaction. Distill ore to get an extract usable in transmutations. Reduce herbs into essences which, when combined, produce elixirs, phials and potions. Utilize bone and animal parts for potions along with essences. Rift had a decent system for alchemists - requiring all sorts of material to produce various concoctions.
  5. Build out experimentation - instead of just one click “you experimented” let us influence what we learn by contributing essences and alchemy parts.
  6. Stake a claim - allow miners to find their own (phased) ore mine once they unlock the ability in the “end game” system. A nice perk for miners and allows the world to provide ore for levelers.
  7. Bring back the herb garden for herbers. Lock it behind the end-game system.
  8. Bring back the barn for skinners. See items 6 and 7
  9. lock the “reimagined" garrison resource buildings behind end-game progression with a 7 day, 5 day and 3 day cycle (so there are resources for gathering every 7 days, then 5 days then 3 days) which should protect against flooding the market with resources.
  10. Have a tutorial for your first set of crafting/gathering gear - have an NPC walk you through your “white gear” crafting and gathering sets so you get the fundamentals on submitting an order, influencing the stats, acquiring buffs and using additional items.

I am sure that hardcore professions meisters have more to say on the intricacies of professions end-game. All I can report on is my personal exerpience trying to just get my 12 alts to 100 in their chosen professions, not even attempting to do end game on any of them, and it is a tooth pull. It shouldn’t be, If 1-100 is intended, then it should be something you get to when you get to max level, and more gameplay needs to be added to the end-game system for those who want to invest in that gameplay. Just as I don’t try to raid on every toon, I don’t intend to be endgame maxed on every toon’s professions. I am happy to have Ata be “complete.” But I should not have to require Darkmoon Faire to drag my alts to just getting to skill-up cap.

P.S. If you’re not going to bring back glyphs in a major way, then let’s re-design Inscription. have alchemists make the ink, and have Scribes focus on Buff scrolls, trinkets, staves, wands, etc. Have special “BOP” parchment drop off bosses which can be sent to a Scribe to make a raid-capable class buff so the raider can bring a buff that may be missing from that team. Or “salvaged” whatnots that a raider can send to a Scribe to make a “recrafted staff, wand, oh, etc” as “bad luck protection.” Have Scribes provide runes which buff shoulder slots with a tertiary stat or a flavored seasonal buff.

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Good job Ion

Guys, please. It’s 3:40am. I should be asleep!

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I can’t listen to that woman - please don’t combine gameplay and fluff together in one video. Baby talk and lisping is not attractive.


Just casually brush over the RBG rework?? Can we get some elaboration? Will there still be guild RBGs? I run a guild and community who use RBGs as a way we can all PVP together. Will that be replaced with 8v8 solo Q???


If delves can give you the equivalent of m+ 15 reward in the weekly vault (Hero 4/6) will there be any realistic way for delvers to get aspect crests to get that next upgrade to Hero 5/6 so they can unlock mythic tier set transmogs? The 6 to 1 crest upgrade seems very grindy and unrealistic for delvers who are mainly interested in transmog but not interested in group content.

For real, it was such a terribly vague micro-description. I too want to know if pre-made RBGs will still be a thing (be it 10v10 or 8v8).

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ok. wow is all grown up and mature… this is going to be a brand new game basically… from what I have seen this far… 2024!!! ok Im getting excited about this alittle bit… so the delves is going to be maybe like torghast part 2 …with a mix of like the mage tower… account wide almost everythng ??.. and I am super happy that they addressed the achnophobia thing … that super cool… I love spiders… and the new mechancal mounts that you can customize yes please… the new icons I really dont like them… I played the panda remix and they were there … there too small… unlike the yellow explanation point we have now are still great… that purple and pink with be hard to see in the dark areas where the light is already purple … hero talents … well I just dont know … and the reshifting of the main talents …maybe tricky … we will see …**and you dont have to raid or do a dungeon to get a tier set huh??? **wooooohhoooooo!!!..

Dalaran was an inside job by the Uncrowned. Rogues told Blizzard we wanted Ravenholdt…now is our time! XD

--------We are still waiting for upright undead player models.---------

what if alleria helped in the destruction of dalaran by working from within, she is on void’s side but we will only find out later in the expac

nah blizzard is so predictable, i don’t think they would do that

Airships for the win!

/that’s all

:dragon: :ocean: :dragon: :ocean:

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Can you put a spoiler warning when you post stuff like this?