WoWCast Developer Chat: All About Aberrus

WoWCast Developer Chat: All About Aberrus

Watch the latest episode of WoWCast with World of Warcraft Principal Artist Steve Crow and Lead Encounter Designer Michael Nuthals, hosted by Community Manager Bethany Stout.

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Meh, a little late for this wowcast.

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I guess we’ve moved on from the days of live developer QAs to prerecorded podcasts?

Also, I agree with the poster above. Unless your timing was meant to be aimed at the LFR crowd, since we’re 2 weeks out from the end of your timegate on Sarkareth.

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I dislike raiding. Can you please talk about housing?


My guess is the questions we want answered won’t be asked. Can’t even spell the name of their own raid correctly - abberus lol

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I forgot those were even a thing. When was the last live QA with Ion? Early BFA?

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[Phone rings]
[I pick up the phone and hear blathering in the headpiece.]
Me: No. I don’t think I’ll subscribe to “Day Old News” because it seems Blizzard is still stuck on “Behind the Times” and that’s where they spend their money.

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That’s what the forum claims, that the LFR crowd is the majority. So it looks like they’re right on time.

Shouldn’t this be near the beginning of the raid being open ?

Such a weird timing.

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Would be nice if the “Stream starts in 15 minutes” was cut off. You can add timestamps to links.

Here you go:

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Too bad I’m not touching this raid, just like the last one.

As long as timegates like lockouts and weekly login reward great vault exist, I will ignore raiding (and m+).

It’s not meaningful forward progression to live vicariously through youtube videos because you only have 1 shot per week, on top of PUGs being dead because no one wants to “waste” their lockouts. Some of us prefer experimenting and learning the bosses, and will not drag a static group into such.

Ruining other content by making them feel bad or at a power loss by not doing the raid, means I haven’t touched DF in half a year as well. I stopped caring about ilvl because your game boils down to cheesing the timegate. I will not deal with other people over that, I will 100% keep doing legacy content solo from older xpacs instead. It is not worth dealing with other people over with your garbage systems.

Don’t even get me started on PvP, I have zero faith with it being anything other than bad actors camping it 24/7.

Blizzard doesn’t get it, and I’ve given up on them. There are no “pillars” for me in DF. It’s completely trolled out by Blizzard so I’ve been doing legion/bfa questing/rep grind solo instead.

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Why would they upload a standalone vid with half the the length being a countdown time? I get it was probably ripped from a stream but seems weird to not just… clip the beginning an dget into it.



Nothing about the “new” system time-gates loot compared to how it WAS.

You STILL show up and raid. You’re still held behind the RNG wall, wayyyy before you worry about your fake time-gate.

The Great Vault and bonus rolls and all that are ON TOP OF anything we used to get in raiding.

You’re making some ignorant complaint about the Great Vault “time-gating your access to loot” … when that’s all EXTRA loot!!! If you ran MC, BWL, Icecrown, etc and didn’t get loot … THAT WAS IT!

Get lost with this fake information. We already have one Fox News.

Yes devs, talk about housing. These are the things we REALLY want.

You completely missed the issue I was talking about, and you’re also lying by omission.

But thanks for the daily personal attack / gatekeep fellow forumer.

More blue posts about topics people are talking about on the forums is what we need. Uodates as to the direction, current things on the table, stuff like that. If thats the directiom they want to go.

I can understand things like secrecy, but i mean, like, not everything that happens needs to be like a suprise birthday to the end consumer. There are thousands on thousands of us who want to voice out concerns and opinions and even suggestion to this game. Surprises are nice. But not all of the time for everything. Mire blue posts engaging with the community is what we need.
Hear hear!! raises a pitchfork and torch

I’m not lying about anything to say that “old raids ONLY gave out loot” and we had no bonus rolls/ no Great Vault. That’s as obvious a fact as I can lay out there, and everyone that’s raided from before we first got bonus rolls KNOWS IT!

It’s also a fact that you tried to make some claim about how the Great Vault is “time-gating.” I included what you said to insure context was maintained.

If I misunderstood you … I mean… you could have further explained that instead of deflecting. But the fact you DIDN’T, and instead chose to deflect, speaks volumes.


Mate, I don’t care if it was always bad. Just because it was bad then doesn’t make it better now in relativity.

Or the lying by omission by not mentioning the highest ilvl is from vault for almost everyone, so yes that is the loot benchmark that content gets balanced around.

Also before you hyper fixate on shaming about what I think of vault, my primary issue is raiding is worthless as long as lockouts exist. Too bad if they were always a thing, some of us don’t like it and never will.

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The raid is spelled Aberrus…

They don’t have the time to setup fake Twitter accounts to ask themselves questions.