WoWCast Developer Chat: A Look at Classic Hardcore

WoWCast Developer Chat: A Look at Classic Hardcore

Tune in for developer insights into a whole new way to play World of Warcraft—no infinite lives, no rezzes, and no regrets.

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How long til a Rez gets added to the store?


Never as it kind of defeats the purpose of one-life


I mean they did say they would never sell boosts either in the store, but you know here they are.

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Before the store concept appeared boost could already be purchased (via gold or real money) from individual or boost communities. Once real money comes into play you could already see the writing on the wall and expect Blizzard to place boost into the store. The same happened with gold.

Though no one is selling a resurrection service for real money

Hardcore mode restricted to PVE sounds kinda boring. When do the PVP hardcore realms open?

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the devs said to avoid Kobolds…But for all you Kalimdor adventurers out there…beware the harpies


Is there at least mok’gora?

Any word on how many servers and their names and if one will be labelled for RP ?

I loved hard-core in Diablo. The one big issue was a griefing though.

As in pulling a whole bunch of mobs to a location that require a loading screen. Intentionally blocking players. Holding mobs in permanent aggro. Unsafe mage portals. Mimicking an NPC.

Regardless, I’m excited. It really makes you super aware of everything.

Curious how this gets resolved.

but they do sell revives on non official blizzard hardcore… you pay money for them to appeal your death


If you watched the video, they mentioned that they are unfortunately only doing PvE.

I like Ana cuz she seems disappointed to announce that - perhaps open to PvP and RP Realms. I get the feeling Clay was the one who blocked PvP and RP Realms. Who knows what’s in their hearts.

I hope they announce some PvP Realms soon. It seems the entire Official HC announcement is a huge PvP bash. Almost all the rules of engagement can be summarized by saying “we hate PvP.”

Over all I’m really happy Blizzards doing this, total step in the right direction, and freeing us from the corruption of the “unofficial” moderations, as Evòker alluded to above.

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Oh, dev chat was on classic hardcore. Super disappointed :stuck_out_tongue:

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100% blizzard does and always has hated PVP, they have never even been close to having it be balanced… I would love to see the PVP Servers in Official Hardcore… Just because somethings are unbalanced doesnt mean the game cant be enjoyed…

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Release date?

PvP needs to be completely decoupled from pve to be balanceable or it’s only going to screw over both.

Unfortunately when you can’t progress in power less people end up playing pvp so the more balanced seasons tends to have the least participants…

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This coming Thursday the 24th.

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