WoW51900319 After somehow going under (inside) a hill on AV using a demonic gateway

Please, just slay me or let me fall to my death rather than dcing me.
I tried to gateway up a hill, and wound up in the hill, under the map, in a gray zone.
Now, I’m getting non-stop disconnects, im guessing by some misfiring anti cheat.
Come on blizzard.

You’ll likely need to use the character stuck feature through the website or open a ticket for a GM to move you.

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Shortly after posting the oop, and after spamming log in/log out around 15-20 times, i was teleported back to the entrance, and was able to continue.
Though I was also spam clicking the spot where my insignia was in hopes i could trigger it before i dc’d, so that might have also done it.

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