WoW UE5 update?

Wondering if any community developers in here can chime in on how difficult/costly a task it would be to transition the current iteration of WoW to a new rendering engine like UE5?

Is it at all possible or would it require so much rebuilding you might as well start from scratch?

Could it be as simple as “swapping the engine” and leaving assets in place?

(I’m not a software engineer)

I prefer WoW without all the stutter.


I am almost certain it is impossible. Also UE sucks for large amounts of players like WoW has in one area.


Commercial engines are not that good. Blizzard would never use a commercial engine, they would always create their own game engines, with good reasons.

Gotcha, did not realize that there was such a limitation with player rendering in UE5. Could’ve sworn there’s several MMO’s in the pipeline all using it though.

What about the engine makes it a bad candidate for the MMO space?

God imagine WoW trying to use that

Everyones computers just explode moment AoE goes off

How do you think Ashes of Creation is managing to pull it off with hundreds of players on the screen at once in UE5? They had a real-time presentation of this sometime last year.


stock ue5 has no tools made for wow, everything from stats to animation cycles would have to be remade,

if you start from scratch, why? people are here for WoW not a frankenstein’s 2023 mmo looking like wow

also ue5 is mostly made for fortnite, games like fortnite, its not made to support as much back end as an mmo has, if you see any mmo claimining it’ll be made on it, it will be horrible

No ue5 tools are “made for mmos” so you’ll be much better off working off something you have 100% control of, like wowedit

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Possible? Probably.

Should they? Not on your life.

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Let’s not pretend wow’s engine is that hot, at this point it’s held together with bubble gum and generic duct tape.

Only for their bigger scope games I’m pretty sure Hearthstone uses Unity.

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So are you saying that Ashes of Creation is having to create all of their tools from scratch? genuinely curious as they are creating an MMO with allegedly hundreds of players on the screen at once.

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at this point I’m still not sure AoC actually exists as an mmo lol

damn, not even brand label stuff there

ohh im sure aoc is suffering from excessive tooling, having to work out everything an mmo needs within the boundries of UE5 is not great
does not mean its not possible, but when talking about mmos “extra work” often translates to “mess”

well, the game runs like crap honestly lol. This latest raid i’m lucky to get 30 fps

my wife sometimes struggles to get 15, we do not have slouches for pcs

I mean yeah they’ve been using it since Warcraft 3.

You sure? My pc has no issues.

You got ray tracing on? It’s not worth it.

no arguments there, I’m struggling on a 3080 to get decent FPS there when the fight starts…but I also have RTX set to HIGH and everything else at ultra 1440p cus I like the smoother shadows

nope, this is the only game that runs like this

I have a 9600k and a 3070ti she has a 5600x and a 1080ti

also blizzard would need to pay epic games to use the UE 5 so that would be off the table