WoW token warps perception

Why should Blizzard be worried about the perception of idiots?

Every minimal effort thing they add gets pointed out as to boost token sales these days.

Not a bug

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It is kinda funny how the whole wow token bit came put of nowhere, was spammed for about a week, and now its just gone.

People really doo need to stop going with all these wow “news” content creators opinions.

Do you have a source for that?

Text doesn’t write itself. When you pull a record(s) from a database (such as how blizzard stores their data) it is in a recordset. That recordset will contain all of the information in regards to whatever you’re looking at… Whether that is an armor piece, or an achievement.

someone inputs that data into the database…

So the ‘bug’ as YOU put it is either someone typing in something wrong into the database… or the code referencing the wrong dataset. None of which is a ‘bug’…

But do you have any source on what the original intent behind that database record is? Do we know that it was pulling from the database?
Knowing that this was the achievement for the slime cat when it was first revealed, was this the original intent?

They have money :moneybag:

I mean a large number of people also believe the earth is flat.

sometimes you just have to recognize stupidity when you see it.

note that I absolutely think the slime cat should be available in lfr.

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How many people do you know that fell for this business move? Honestly.

Yep. Content creators are no different than those pundits you see on the cable news networks. They make mountains out of mole hills and their fandom laps it up because it plays into their bias against “the enemy.”

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As a group, gamers are poor and a minority of all game players.

I could write a big long-winded explanation but if you wonder why game company X did monetization Y that’s the answer.