WoW token warps perception

The WoW token warps how people view the game. Blizz needs to be mindful of this. People automatically assume the Slime Cat was remove from LFR to boost token sales. Whether this is the case or not. It is the popular perception.


this is where the “problems” come from…


Only to people who swallow the kool-aid of content creators


I think that Youtube and/or Twitch grifters do a more damaging job of this, lol

Notice how we’ll get like 50 threads parroting the same opinion with a day or two of each other?


I don’t really raid and I don’t really care about the slime cat so maybe I’m just missing something here, but I feel like if they wanted to boost token sales they should have removed it from normal raiding as well.

It should still be in LFR though.


When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” ~ Arthur Conan Doyle


Isn’t this part of the reason? From a business perspective it makes sense to make all those people buy boosts from their President’s guild vs let the players have fun earning it themselves.


What I’m pretty sure happened, is that the slime cat was never supposed to be obtainable from LFR to begin with, and the achievement text saying it was was simply a bug.

This also ignores that the initial version of the meta (from the first PTR build it was included on), required heroic for sepulcher

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It also made sense from a business standpoint to put it on the PTR and the live achievement panel as “at any difficulty”, which would mean people who would have done it in LFR would resub and maybe even prepurchase to do it before finding it changed at the last minute.

That is not what a bug is. That is 1) people not correctly writing text or 2) people thought it was obtainable in all raids until the big boss came downstairs to the basement and told them that they needed to boost their token sales for Q3-4 and for them to figure out a way to do it.

Which is how bugs often happen. Programmer puts the wrong text into a computer.

Nah man, bugs happen when you dont sweep up food crumbs and leave windows open

A bug would be something like… Oh I don’t know, people exchanging level 207 gear for 291 gear. Or people being able to farm the coins that are supposed to take 3 weeks in one week. This was as I said, someone either misunderstood their boss or their boss changed their mind.

A but could also be an achievement pulling the wrong string from a database.

Game population is a whole exponent less than it was in it’s glory days, and it’s making more money.

That money comes from token sales.
If you disagree, which is fine, I’m curious why.

Did they move slimecat to increase sales? Meh, maybe. There’s arguments for and against.

Is the game set up in a way to specifically sell tokens? Most certainly.
Please do remain cognizant of the fact that they added a boosting channel, and that selling token carries is probably a big part of their income, and possibly the biggest part.


No. The game is set up in a way to encourage players to make social connections with each other, and use those social connections to run content. Players then noticed that other players wanted to skip that step (forming social connection), and offered to trade gold instead.

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If you believe they did it to boost sales then the argument there would be there’s only so much they can do without being called out on it; they have to toe a line, otherwise they might as well exclude heroic as well.

But you can’t just tell 99% of your playerbase the slime cat comes from mythic raiding. It’d lead to a massive uproar, but allowing normal and up means it’s accessible to anyone who is willing to do those raids and means it can be sold relatively easy as well. Some people grumble, but most accept it.

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Either sub fee stays

Or blizz keeps the wowtoken

One of the two.

I was spending tokens on the mount regardless. No minds being warped here.

Please quote your source… That isn’t what the blue said when he answered Peppermint’s question.