WoW token warps perception

on the forums*
by a select group that already complains about everything*

Oh it became very well known back in BFA that this was a driving force behind decision making dude… Where have you been?

Oh, surely.

Adding in official RMT is a pandora’s box you just can’t close once opened.

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I guess I missed when we eliminated all which is impossible. I wonder how I missed that. :thinking:

Their quarterly statements continue to show a decline in player population yet the game continues to be as profitable as ever.

They get more money from less people; right, wrong, or indifferent that’s the reality of the situation. People that are oblivious to it kind of shock me, but most people don’t seem to think it’s an issue that the game (and games in general) are being designed in ways to extract as much money from you as possible when playing it.

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Neither is there support for your position in the blue post. It simply says:

But probably not for the reason you seem to think. I’d wager that the majority of tokens purchased by players from other players, are players who are unable to afford the price of a sub, but still want to play. If we end the token, that group is suddenly unable to play the game at all.

I don’t think Blizzard really cares about this being the perception. They have shown for many years that revenue is the most important aspect of their business. I bet they are only getting rid of loot boxes in Overwatch because banned games have zero revenue.

More like this:

Circular Reasoning: a type of informal fallacy in which a conclusion is reached that is not materially different from something that was assumed as a premise of the argument. In other words, the argument assumes what it is supposed to prove. Circular reasoning is sometimes difficult to detect because the premise and conclusion are not articulated in precisely the same terms, obscuring the fact that they are really the same proposition.

Achievements having a bug and displaying the wrong text is far from impossible. If you have ever worked on a software product, you would know that.

I mean I can’t think of another good reason for why they did this.

Perception is reality in some cases.

I don’t fault them because they are a business after all. I fault them for doing the last minute switcharoo

that isn’t a bug… that is someone messing up and not doing their job correctly.

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Bug or not it’s still a PR spectacle that they could have avoided.

Rather easily with no repercussions.

They chose backlash. You get what you get

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Bug: noun (1)

“an unexpected defect, fault, flaw, or imperfection”


When your game’s population is doing a dive bomb worst then New World. You got two options:

A. Listen to feedback and add more content that players wants. In hopes that the game can regain lost ground.


B. Milk the remaining player-base.

Why should Blizzard be worried about the perception of idiots?

Every minimal effort thing they add gets pointed out as to boost token sales these days.

Not a bug

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It is kinda funny how the whole wow token bit came put of nowhere, was spammed for about a week, and now its just gone.

People really doo need to stop going with all these wow “news” content creators opinions.

Do you have a source for that?