WoW Token | player created problem

I’m not a fan.
It’s basically Blizzard admitting they will not do anything serious to police their game regarding RMT because it’s (the token) an additional revenue stream because whales.

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OP how’s the weather in San Diego at Blizz HQ?

California has the best weather year round, but it is raining… wow token$ right now baby! woot woot

reality is, players hate hearing that they are the problem, but 9 times out of 10 it is true.

this brave soul has the courage to say it out loud and you side with the sheep over him?

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This isn’t bravery, it’s being a cuck for a company. Anthem had the same type of person shilling for them.

It’s known as “Smooth-Brain”. It’s someone that feels something, thus believes it’s true. In this instance, they’re the product of marketing getting a little too far into their head.

You might be too.

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Agreed but Blizz is an enabler and there’s more than enough blame to go around.


I literally told my friend earlier today "wotlk classic is nothing like retail classic was :frowning: "

And the token being added is another reason why. I wouldn’t be surprised if they added the Dragon Isles to classic. ffs.

I think I’ve seen this mentality before.

it went “my views alone offer the path to salvation, thus any deviation from my views is a deviation from salvation. therefore, your thoughts are not only wrong, but dangerous in polluting the mind of the youth. For the wellbeing of the majority, you must be silenced”.

or something along those lines.

but then we invented the printing press and began the renaissance.

Why is it so hard to fathom? You wanna blame fossil fuel emissions on your government? When was the last time you bought a fast food meal more expensive than $10? Were your reasons for voting in the last election due to party preference? Infinite list of stupid things people do that can easily be blamed on higher powers.

wtb indulgence pst
or put it in the cash shop plz

heh the official reason/s for this action


gotta get that juice

why not just admit this from the beginning guys
you don’t want to invest time and wanna swipe to victory
not exactly in line with the design pillar of “approachable and familiar”

Dungeons and raids in Classic are most often defeated through careful preparation: collecting consumables, perfecting gear sets, mastering class skills, and memorizing encounter details. We want to maintain that approachability and familiarity.

I agree with everthing you said, but with a little effort Blizzard could take action against gold sellers and buyers and have a clean game. Its just additional overhead to them, and they dont realize the ROI for actually monitoring it. This is their biggest failure IMO.

Blizz is here to make a fun game and it’s own players have to be told not to cheat, not to buy gold, and when they don’t listen blizzard is the bad guy for getting in the on commerce that’s occurring within their own product.

Any one of you would be livid if you had a business and someone else was profiting within you establishment. Get real

If this guy were ruler of a country, he’d be selling writs for burglary and robbery.

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Absolute bullcrap and sickening logic.

How can you fight RMT with your own RMT?? How does the source of RMT changes the fact that it’s RMT?? What’s the difference between buying gold form xyz-gold website or official RMT is freaking RMT regardless of the source.

I wouldn’t poison my product in response.

Simping for the billion dollar company again?

cheaters have cost blizzard a substantial amount of money to combat, and both botters and Blizz have come to the conclusion cheaters can’t be stopped. They should be able to make money back that cheaters wasted on policing.

To a coward I’m sure this makes sense. But, if you have a good game (like imagine, one of the best games ever), protecting its integrity will earn money even though the spreadsheet says your “losing” money to combat cheaters.

This is because more people will want to play your game. And guess what, more people did want to play WoW back when it wasn’t completely infested with RMTing freaks.

You do not understand how botting tech works, and is not as simply as you think. There have been escalations with technology that Blizz has to counter simply because at the core, behind the bot, is the heart of a player that simply wants to cheat. It takes two to tango, and you’re putting too much on Blizz for accountability when the players are the cause of the damage, not Blizz.

I wonder what it will be like when AI takes a crack at botting. I wonder if it will even engage in farming endlessly or just manipulate the AH prices and own all the gold. haha

I’m not saying the players aren’t responsible, also. I’m saying Blizzard chose to cash grab their game and do all the RMTing themselves. The infestation I refer to is the players, not the bots. I wouldn’t care if Blizzard left all the bots in the game and only banned the players who buy.

You realize this is a good thing right. RMT is a large black market involved in real life fraud, stolen credit cards, player accounts, and not just by stupid players that buy gold from shady websites for cheap gold.

RMToken will reduce the profitability of RMT and fewer will engage in it at all.

Blizz needs to change design philosophy to the next Fresh/SOM2 with fewer gold sinks, and have more personal loot.