WoW Token, it was good while it lasted

Trying to figure out the difficulty of spending a one time fee of $15…


They’re stickin’ it to the man.

Anyone with gold has applied that to bnet balance and buying 2 months of game time with bnet balance is supposed to count as a purchase for this according to reports.

It’s both.

That’s false. You have had to use real money via credit card at least 1 time and consumed 30 days of game time with it any time from 2017 to present.

do you guys have any reading comprehension? It’s made crystal clear on the North American blue post.


That would make no sense. Why would they care if you clicked bnet balance and bought time vs. used a token for 1 month?

If it were true they need to clarify it immediately since that probably would make zero people care about this (but it would also seemingly serve no purpose whatsoever).

Yea, it wouldn’t make any sense to work that way, although the post technically only uses the phrase “real money,” which is slightly ambiguous since some would argue bnet balance is real money within the blizzard ecosystem.

They really should have added a status to your account page or had the launcher warn you if you fall into that category since we’re all just assuming it applies to us if we haven’t had to buy anything with what we consider real money (not bnet balance) since tokens came out.

Each character has their own backstory and gameplay philosophy while only my main character that I’m posting on does any raiding, all the others do mostly outdoor casual content. I don’t play every character every day, it cycles between them. As long as I am still having fun playing them then it’s not working for my gold, it’s extra on the side.

And the lot of you act as if I don’t have a job lol. I work in a CPA office, filing taxes and doing Accounts Payable for a restaurant chain. It has taught me how to manage my money with a yearly budget and not to frivolously waste when I don’t need to.

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I’d say, can I have your gold, but obviously you are spending that on the game. :sunglasses:


They don’t understand as most of them are brokies.

:surfing_man: :surfing_woman:

People been playing the game for free since 2015 and now upset they have to buy one months worth of game time. :laughing:


free is good and all but i hate the havoc it created on a big part of the game and it created a pay to win path as well i would like to see it gone completely we would have such a better game without it

OP you do realize it’s the botters fault for this, right?

Blizzard did this so they can track them when they purchase game time


This is quite literally the dumbest logic I have seen on this to date.

When you come back you’ll have to pay that $15 after which I assume you’re going to go back to using tokens which you will then be able to do once again.

If you spend $15 now you can just buy tokens again anyway.

Literally nothing will change this makes no sense.


I can easily afford the subscription and even buy gold tokens if I want. I did play for free for a very long time because I enjoyed the challenge of finding interesting ways to make the gold.

But as the amount of gold required kept going up I stopped buying and instead focussed on other things. I cant imagine the dedication or hours required to play for free - no matter how easy some claim it to be.

I think it hit 380k gold a month or 2 back and I actually bought a gold token to use on getting a bunch of battle pets.

Wait so , as i understand all you have to do i spend real cash on one token then you can buy tokens right ?

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A one time fee of a minimum of $15 on any part of your Blizzard account. Then you can purchase any amount of tokens from there on out. If you made a purchase after a certain date of 2017 then you’re good already. But, if you’re like the OP, then you need to make that $15 purchase.


So whats the problem, these guys dont have $15 to pay one time ? I have no words


This, people are acting like they cant possibly come up with 3.75 a week like no, dont lie, nobody whos able to play video games in the first place is so broke $3.75 a week is unobtainium and if for some reason it truly is why are you playing paid subscription games when you are desperately broken financially.

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Someone contacted support and they were told that.

Someone contacted support and they were told that. I will check myself today and see what I get told because I have been paying using my balance for months now.

And you are correct the blue post only states purchase a WoW token and people who are using their bnet balance aren’t doing that. There is a special section of the account that lets you buy 2 months of game time from your account balance, you can’t reach it in the store.