WoW Token Issues

I bought a WoW Token and stored it in my bag, today my game time expired but i dont have the option to use the token i already have, i’ve tried using the Support Ticked but Blizzard seems like is not working today.

Anyone have a tip to solve this?

Did you buy the token from the AH or from the game shop?

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I used the Game Shop, those Token dont work for game time?

Nope those can only be sold on the AH for gold, the token you buy from the AH can be used for game time or balance.

You can try putting in a ticket and asking for a day or two of game time to sell the token, and then rebuy a token from the AH with that tho overall that will end up costing more than if you’d just bought game time.


tnx for the info, didnt knew that.

Guide to WoW tokens.