WoW RP Map Maker - Modular System (FREE)

Have you ever wanted to design a layout map of a house for your Warcraft character? Create a guildhall layout for your rp guild for use in discord rp? Do you want to make d20 adventure maps for your guild to use for tabletop-style sessions for your Warcraft adventures?

This modular map maker system had almost everything you need to create diverse and unique maps to compliment all your Warcraft rp!

Best of all it is 100% FREE to use, and everyone is welcome to make WoW maps with is! This is a fan art project designed to help players create unique maps using over 2,700 unique assets from WoW.

How To Use: Find and download what you want from google drive onto an easy-to-find place on your computer. Then add the downloaded assets to a graphic editing program or website of your choice. Arrange the graphics, and then share! It is that simple. This is a beginner-level project.


Gallery of maps made by various MG RPers for their characters.
(These maps were made by players, and may not be used by other players without their permission. I have permission to share these maps.)

If you make a map, please feel free to reach out to have your map added to the gallery! I love seeing what players make for their rp characters! All servers are welcome to submit maps!


Ohh… do you hear that sound? It’s the sound of my Dungeon Master heart going all aflutter at this beautiful tool. :heart:


I made certain to include a lineup of some basic npcs and even animals with d20 adventure maps in mind :slight_smile:

If you need help let me know.


Incredible! Do you think you might want to add it to our pinned resources thread here? I’m sure it would be a great addition! Thanks so much!

That would be cool, is there someone I should contact to have it added?

Plop this thread up there and our resident pin master should take of it!

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This is a wonderful contribution to the community, Banshih! I foresee this being a stupendous resource for any fellow community members who enjoy hosting roleplay events on platforms such as or who simply enjoy making their own maps!

I have taken the liberty of adding this thread to the WrA Information & Directories thread as well. Once more, thank you so much for this incredible contribution.


Thank you! <3

Be certain to send me any maps you want to share btw. I -love- seeing the maps made. I spent months on this fan project and it feels so good to see people using it.


I definitely will! My mechagnome in particular has a lab where she studies the paranormal that I intend to map out when I get the time!


This is so cool! Thank you for sharing this! I’m hyped to see more of the pretty maps people come up with using this tool, and I will show it to folks who are looking for something like this to help with their RP. :+1:

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This map maker was months of work on my end, please feel free to share it around so all that work can be useful to other people XD

As a heads up, there is a update with some more content coming soon!

Come the new expansion I will also be doing an expansion themed update for it.

Aaaand sold! For the low, low price of free!

also, Inkarnate does this and more, though it’s all generic fantasy, not Wow-themed. :smiley:

Yup, and you can import these assets into Inkarnate and use them. Someone I know is currently building a custom wow map with my assets in Inkarnate :slight_smile:

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As a quick heads up, I will be updating this modular map maker with the all-new Dragonflight assets once they come out! I have begun to determine some of the models and clean them up to drop into the map maker.

Below is a small sample of the hundreds of new Dragonflight assets I am working on to expand this map maker!

Dragonflight has lots of great new models, many of which are perfect for making maps of player character settings!


I recently updated this with a few new models. This map maker is an ongoing project which will expand over time as more content is released.

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