This forum is dead. Only 11 posts since I’ve been gone for 2 years. RIP SH

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lol, i played shattered hand back in wrath. good times as a prot pally.

AHHH, WRATH BABY! I’m vanilla but took my only break because BFA was so friggen bad.

i ran with a guild called Spleen back then. many good times were had in ICC with Spleen

SH from BC <3 moved most toons long ago during the initial death throes…

<Beautiful Reign­™> ^^

I wish they just would have merged servers up front, instead of letting them die and forcing people to leave.

I rolled on SH back on day 1 vanilla, and kept my priest Mira, this toon, and a few others here. Sad to see what happened to it over time. Lots of great memories though.

Godspeed, everyone.

Wonder what it would be like if SirCopperfield hadn’t left?

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