Wow pretty sad

So I logged in after maintenance thinking I might be able to sneak my alts into BRM and low and behold the same people that camp BRM all day are still there at 3am server time waiting to zerg a level 52 priest. You guys are beyond pathetic and you should feel ashamed of yourselves.

one does not simply walk into brd with out being ganked.


It’s just shocking to me these noshoes nolife poopsockers actually logged back on instantly at 3am to run back to that mountain. The horde are complete losers. They could have used that time to go take a shower or something, get some sleep, any normal human behavior. But no, that’s beyond them at this point.

Go to bed dad, you have work in the morning.

Well u got up at 3am to do it why wuld u expect no one else would? I got up the other day at 6am and wanted to see if any rogue gankers were at menethil and they sure were. Bubble hearthed back to IF and went to have some breakfast :slight_smile: some ppl just like to gank all day long. All. Day. Long.

I’m not a dad Sie I’d be a mom if I was a boomer.

Well u got up at 3am to do it why wuld u expect no one else would?

Seriously imagine being such a huge loser that it’s 3am and you spam log in waiting for the authentications servers and then rush to BRM hoping that you might be able to kill a level 52 priest 5vs1 on your epic skeletal warhorse with your level 60 raid gear and engineering. These guys are massive losers and complete failures at life and I think they need to acknowledge this.

Ok boomer.

Ok coomer.

I don’t think you are making a coherent point when you say things like ‘theyre spamming login and rushing to the mountain.’ Like, what? Are you trying to claim they weren’t there already, somehow detected that you logged in, and then beat your character in a foot race there?

That’s ridiculous. These people were just camping there already, and you can’t really make a point against that since the game rewards you for such behavior. So instead, you explode some non-point that doesn’t even really depict their activity.

I’m sorry you couldn’t get into BRM and it ruined your night but you picked the wrong fight and are dying on a poor hill.


The point about them being complete losers was entirely valid. Just because you’re one of those losers doesn’t make it any less valid. I’m sorry you can’t accept that you’re a total loser.

Been alliance raids there 9/10 times i’ve been through. And everyone knows Kargath pass is an alliance chop shop. Luck of the draw on which guilds are at full strength at the time i guess.

I am level 19 and on Herod. You are a baby loser lol

Wow you’ve figured out how to post on different toons now Sie? Maybe next you can figure out how not to be a complete loser that camps flight paths or instance entrances. It wouldn’t be so bad if you were actually good at it but you’re terrible. They only people you stand a chance against are underlevel or afk so it figures that’s how you’d get your honor because that’s the only people you can beat.

PVP on a PVP Server:
Im shocked and appalled.