WOW only WOW keep disconnecting me

Wow Keeps Disconnecting , which is funny because other online games i play do not disconnect me? Nor does my computer, ps4, phone or tablets are disconnecting why is it only World of World having a connection issues. As well when I’m booted out I can’t not sign back into my character i was just on more than 10secs before being disconnected again but i can log onto other characters?!?!?? Why is that!? Imagine getting DC in the Maw with a full jailer eye or in a Mythic Pug with no for you or care for your lockout . I have very expensive latest gaming laptops & 5g? What is the issue. It’s only WOW

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5g? Are you using mobile data? Because that isn’t sufficient for WoW. Or did you mean you’re on WiFi 5Ghz?

Every service you connect to uses a different route. This is explained in the pins at the top of the forum:

Unless there is a service outage posted on Blizzard’s Twitter, then the issue will be found on the route to the server or the local equipment.

If you want to troubleshoot, make sure to include a WinMTR test :slight_smile: