WoW Launching from BNet takes Too Long

Wow takes almost 15 to 20 minutes to load from BNET.

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Another app is blocking the game from launching, usually security software or an overlay. Add your dxdiag for further troubleshooting.

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I get a 500 Error everytime I try to paste it

Just use

Similiar issue, im not loading in at all really once i click play. I hear the music and have the wow icon but see the screen previous before clicking play. But can click on anything until i close the wow window. Task manager says its running. Ive played wow classic many times before on this computer. Ive also tried all these thing’s:

-Close and reopened launcher
-restarted the computer
-disabled and allowed both and wow to go through the firewall
-Put both and wow to run as administrator through the properties
-ran the scan and repair through the launcher
-went to game setting in launcher and resetted the in-game setting and did the -d3d11 command
-disabled all the background/start up programs through msconfig

Ive also done the -windowed command in the game setting. Same outcome but now the windowed screen of wow is completed whited out

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