WoW is just wow

I’m not sure what the big deal is with people in this game. All I hear from people is the game is dead, and people don’t want to communicate even in guilds. As a casual player, I will typically log in for a few quests and then queue for a battleground/dungeon. Today, I waited 22 minutes for a dungeon, but I was doing quests so it was fine by me. My problem is the amount of flame people have for casual players, because I didn’t conjure a refreshment fast enough I get kicked. Yet there’s complaints of people saying the game is dying? Well I know I’m not coming back. I feel like I can’t get into the community, and it seems worthless to commit for selfish people. This game was fun leveling up with my friends, but they’re all gone now too. Adios!

I know the feeling, I will say one thing though…hang in there and give Classic a try. I’ve hopped into the demo and Beta and the old school players are there and it was a blast from the past! We were helpful and my God it was refreshing to have massive interaction in chat without the negativity and childish crud you run into. I ran around buffing strangers and others were doing the same. It felt great having that community back! Hope you stay but if not, good luck and Lok’Tar!