Wow in 2030

I’ve been thinking about how WoW evolved over the last decade & the changes we can expect to see in 2030 and beyond.

I definitely see streaming becoming the next big thing, with physically owned consoles or gaming computers becoming a thing of a past.

For example, it’ll be monthly membership subscription broken into 3 payment terms being low end graphics, medium & high. Access to higher end graphics will cost more per month.

This will make video gaming accessible to a larger amount of players & I see WoW heading down this direction. (Google Stadia being the first example).

This will also allow for a major leap in gaming graphics, as we will be no longer be limited to our hardware at home, but be harnessing the power on the companies end. The release of 5g will make this possible and will cause the birth of WoW 2.

Question is, what will the gameplay style be like? I think we will begin to see a return to the old RPG ways, as we’ve begun to see with Shadowlands. A mix of Classic and Retail, however this direction is anyone’s guess.

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I’m curious what you expect 5G to do that can’t be handled by current infrastructure.

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I don’t think game streaming will ever be the main way video games are played.


I definitely think World of Warcraft will be completely different in 10 years or like you said probably WOW 2. Streaming sounds neat as long as it’s still affordable. I don’t want to have to pay $30.00 a month for the high end graphics.

Virtual Reality WoW.

Mounts are entirely removed, your character can RP walk only, you collect Additional Footsteps every day to play longer via 7 different mobile game systems and your rotation abilities have time gates on them.


Entirely depends on the country one lives in and where within that country (city or countryside).

In Australia the internet is horrendous and 5g will far surpass what we have here currently. For example, 5G is expected to hit up to 900mbps download speed whereas what we have right now as a top download speed is 80mbps. Users in Australia are already reporting 300mbps on average throughout the day.

If steaming video games is to be the future then a very high speed Internet will be required to support that bandwidth, one that 5g will easily support.