WoW Hotfixes - Updated November 30

“increase relative player power”
It’s making player characters strong in relation to the mobs.

The monk fixes it is a start but the problem is with survivability not healing. The major problem is with magical dmg, stagger only delay 35% and it does not scale as per description: " [You shrug off attacks, delaying a portion of Physical damage based on your Agility, instead taking it over 10 sec. Affects magical attacks at 35% effectiveness.](wowhead spell=115069)"]. Monks have Diffuse Magic, is a strong magic defence skill but with 1.5m, in downtime you need to use other 2 strong cds (Dampen Harm and Fortified Brew) to have the same effectivity, in a fight like medivh in Upper Karazhan this can be a problem because of the randomness of his skills. I did a upper 15 after the nov 22 patch and when mediv cast Piercing Missiles i felt like a WW monk tanking, at anytime my stagger got near close red and out of Diffuse Magic was super scarry! I dont have problems with my Pally, DK and Druid at the same boss, a propper balance is needed, if blizzard just change Stagger Magic Dmg effectiviness from 35% to ~50% or make it scales with gear, its fixed for me.

This is just rude.

Hey all! Here are today’s hotfixes.

NOVEMBER 23, 2022


  • Fixed an issue where Alliance players attempting to complete Pilgrim’s Peril were unable to get credit for sitting in the Undercity Bountiful Table in past Tirisfal Glades.


  • Demon Hunter
    • Fixed an issue that prevented Infernal Armor’s damage value from increasing with its second rank.
  • Druid
    • Balance
      • Fixed an issue where Orbital Strike and Goldrinn’s Fang would always critically strike when affected by Balance of All Things.
  • Evoker
    • Quell can no longer be used while hexed.
  • Shaman
    • Resolved an issue causing Lightning Shield, Water Shield, and Earth Shield to be removed when logging out, entering instances, or when dying.
    • Lightning Shield now lasts 60 minutes (was 30 minutes).
  • Warlock
    • Demonology
      • Fixed an issue where Fel Sunder could not be applied by multiple Demonology Warlocks.

Items and Rewards

  • Fixed an issue where Evokers were not eligible to roll on many legacy items.
  • Adjusted the sell value of some items to better reflect their values before the recent item level adjustments.


  • Fixed an issue where Shadowlands enchants could not be applied to Enchanting vellums.
    • Developers’ note: This fix will temporarily prevent enchants that were available prior to Shadowlands from being applied to Enchanting vellums. This new issue will be fixed shortly after the release of Dragonflight.

So as I am understanding, this fix that you did makes it so that we can no longer enchant anything on Vellums that isn’t Shadowlands?

So, why do we have to wait until the release of Dragonflight to use vellums on the rest of enchanting? Why not just revert the changes before pre-patch that made it work before?

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So to fix enchanting… they broke it in a different way that won’t be fixed until DF… when we all know that there were SL enchants still working?

What in the Tinker Bell flying f^@& are these people smoking and where can I get it?



Some recipes and BoEs in legacy raids were not updated for the ilvl changes. Additionally, in-raid legendaries like the ones you get from Kael-Thas in The Eye still reflect their old ilvl.

I think someone needs to be sent back in to edit those item tables as well.


Uhh, 420 blaze it :smoking:

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So to fix enchanting… they broke it in a different way that won’t be fixed until DF… when we all know that there were SL enchants still working?

What in the Tinker Bell flying f^@& are these people smoking and where can I get it?

While it’s unfortunate, it does make sense. SL enchants are going to be used in much higher volume than Pre-SL enchants. If there’s not an easy fix especially with a Holiday tomorrow and the day after, it’s a call to make sure the enchants that have significantly higher volume are the ones working.

Everyones going to be putting on SL enchants and moving their stuff around for next week. I’m sure it’ll be ok :slight_smile:

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Ok rest shaman will not get any buff or repair to the class. Do you think people are happy for rest shaman healing please check cdws and all the peoples the play shaman the quit the class. If nothing is done i will quit wow the only reasons i m play because rest shaman.

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I do hope for the best and when the dust settles it will be okay. I do appreciate your positivity. I think just between it happening in the fist place, how long it took to take action, and the wonky (at least to me) way it’s been fixed; it was just a bit exasperating. Plus I find myself just being super critical of the game as of late. Not because I want to be a hater, but because I really want to see it do well. It’s my main hobby so it being healthy is all I really want to see. But I’d like to take a sip of that sensational positivity juice and I will say that I’m glad at least the issue was addressed, that they have a plan, and that it was put in a place where less relevant items are affected.

Edit: Took out repetition

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My big concern here is it gets the WoD crafting treatment. As they broke that in SL prepatch, and said it’d be fixed in a future patch and it’s still not fixed with anything even remotely resembling a time frame.

Honestly, an easy fix they could have long since implemented would be to change the higher tier versions to ‘upgrades’ of the earlier stage ala lightning forge weapons from MoP, where crafting one stage unlocks the next and uses the mat from the prior + some more to make the next


You mean rigged item values so badly in pre SL dungeons/Raids in a deliberate action to force people to play DF, are you guys crazy? what harm was the existing values caused? none, what harm have your actions ‘adjusting’ sell prices caused? plenty!. its caused me to cancel my 6 month subscription, and it won’t be started up again unless you restore the original vendor prices and for what reason ? nothing valid that’s for sure.

At this point i dont care if this gets me a forum vacation, but you guys that are driving these vendor pricing changes are idiots, you’re not doing this for the good of the game you are doing tosatisfy a self important fool who thinks that these changes are good, they are not and I doubt anything you could say would convince me otherwise, and your corporate double speak explanation is means and explains nothing. You are hurting the people who don’t raid or do m+ dungeons and need income from legacy raids and instances to stand a chance of buying items on the in game AH.

If this is an example of what to expect from DF then you can count me out and the quality of prepatch material leads me to suspect the Launch of DF will be an unmitigated disaster.

This may seem a none issue to you guys at Blizzard but to players like me its a petty and childish action aimed at the silent majority of players you are no longer a company of gamers producing games for gamers you are just a corporate entity with no regard for its customers and I feel saddened by the Blizzard that exists not its a pale imitation of the Blizzard and Blizzard North that produced the games i used to love playing.

My six month sub expires early Feb and i think i’m going to struggle to be there at the end, the crazy decisions that have no real reason that are being made coupled with the direction wow is being driven by people that don’t have either the game or its players good in mind will make sure that when i do leave i won’t be back for another look, so thanks for saving me money.

Oh and by the way Shutter Diablo Immoral, its predatory price and sales techniques are among the very worst in the cesspit that is mobile gaming and will result in countries enforcing spending caps since people will be using crime or spending money that they can ill afford to spend on this awful example of what Blizzard has become.

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For those of us that run instances just for mounts this is the perfecct solution at certain a number of runs the chance to drop a mount should increase , but Blizzard wouldn’t do that this is the how can we make more money Blizzard so if they do anything like this it will only be because they can monetize it, not to be fair to players , sadly the new Blizzard is the team that produced Diablo Immoral, expect to see more players leave WoW as they try to apply mobile gaming rip offs to PC gaming, the mobile gaming market as it is, is unsustainable in its current form and the current form will force many countries for create legislation to limit its ability to ‘print’ money.

I’d like to think Blizzard would really do the right thing regarding dungeon mounts, but that belief is long dead the Blizzard we have now is an entity of corporate yes men and people who make ego driven decisions that are not good for the game sadly that’s unlikely to change unless MS takes the new Broom approach to AB management.

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Still no Underlight Angler fix for evokers? That’s making me real sad.

An idea that came to me, only a moment ago, that would fix the whole problem. Change the coding on just the Underlight angler to be able to be equipped as either a weapon or a fishing tool. Problem solved- force equip to use the pearl, regular right click to equip as a pole.

I believe this fix made it to where you’ll retain Improved Flametongue Weapon to stay after switching to Enhancement. I kept the buff and then checked the spell damage tooltips with and without the buffs.

Fixing this issue before the release of Dragonflight was a wise decision. Next time, try not to take so long to fix your mistakes, or better yet, just test things better before you release something that is broken.

Semper Fi! :us: :ukraine:

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I am grateful they fixed SL chanting with everybody equipping pre -patch gear, it was very annoying , I believe both of my chanters have low level chants in archived in their bank, I will put them in the auction house immediately and thank you for repairing this.

Going back all the way to the start of the Anniversary event, you advertised that Alterac Valley PVP Time Displaced vendors would sell iLvl 272 gear for the event. This has still not been fixed, as they sell iLvl 164 as of today. Maybe you can have them fixed by this time next year?

Where’s the hotfix to fix the bugged ques for the new Uldaman dungeon?