WoW Hotfixes - Updated November 30

not read any forums in the last couple of days? This issue has been massively divisive.

Are these in now? Or with the restart? Just got the mount and keen to know if I got it on old drop rates or new ones.

I tend to ignore the childish outrage ones on screaming for people to be banned over bugs.

Still don’t see why anyone would care that the droprate was increased. If you got it already, you got to enjoy it longer. If you didn’t, you get a better chance at it now.

Or are people acting like 4 year olds and think that “rare drop” means something special?


Thanks Blizzard. Kind of curious now to what the drop rate is.

Could we get exact numbers on what the new drop rate is, as this is pretty dang vague, and it could end up as something like ‘now, it’s a .06% drop rate’ which for say, the Galleon saddle, is double the drop chance, it’s still abysmal and only lip service to say that’s ‘greatly increased’ as it’s still absurdly low.

Not to throw shade at you specifically, but like, we were also promised that WoD crafting would be fixed in a future update, but it’s been pushed back 1+ expansions at this point, which, while technically sill a ‘future update’ is also clearly intentional misleading


Please no…ive seen enough 1-2 shot mark hunters in SL…

100% this
BM is so boring to play

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Same here. Please fix this up!

Can we get info on the vellum fix? Would be great.


Can we get the bug fixed that prevents faction change for dracthyr. Already invested hours in the starting zone and didn’t realize there till I was in the capital. I would rather invest money then time at this point. Thank you.

Agreed with this. I made an Evoker last night and selected the Alliance faction for my Evoker without thinking.

At this time, I’m unable to Faction Change as it gives me an error saying “This class has no valid races available for this paid service.”

Worst thing on top of it is if you try to make another one by deleting your old one, You’ll get an error saying you already have one created.

So really hoping this issue gets fixed quickly, So I can change my Evoker to Horde!

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This is a good thing. Ridiculously low drop rates are not fun.


Can you fix the issue where my Dracthyr’s visage transmog keeps messing with the armor of the Dragon form? The shoulders and belt are showing up in Dragon mode and it’s driving me mad.

:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: thank the lord

It’s not just layouts. It’s all of the UI resetting to an older variant.

Things on my action bars are getting replaced with what I had prior. Like, I’d replace a mount cast with a different mount, but it’d flip back to the prior.

This looks like backend devs rolling back an entire database.

I think that’s intentional?

It is. With my lowlevel hunter I’m just constantly dying despite using personal CDs as soon as they’re available.

How about the crafting issues? It’s impossible to make enchanted scrolls right now…

This is intended.

Is it just me, or is the time displaced vendor for pvp still not giving out proer iLvl gear, and that the gear iLvl for Legacy of Tyr isnt right?