WoW Hotfixes - Updated March 20

And when will a skip be added for characters that have already started the quest chain? I have four characters stuck in the middle of it, and there needs to be a skip at every quest, not just the first. Thanks.

Oh no! Can’t have a shaman ability slightly outperforming similar effects!

Other healing abilities though… totally fine if they outperform shaman by like twice as much.

Still waiting for this…

“Totemic surge now appropriately reduces the cooldown of healing tide and spirit link totem. There was a bug that was causing these effects not to work on specific totems.”

Still no?


maybe make it so that guardian druids are actually killable, how are they still this strong even after the nerf? tanks in general right now are ridiculous

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One of the mobs only gave me 19%, so I ended up having to do six. I’m not sure if that’s what he meant.

The total required energy was 103 but the bar is out of 100%. This is why some appeared to only grant 19% completion but 20 energy

Hey @Sanq I’m starting to get a picture of how things end up being completely different than they should be…it’s not your fault either……
Who would be the one to delegate you to community manager? The reason I ask is because your the community manager for two world of warcrafts…this is exactly what I was meaning in my above post as to “who is driving the car?” Ion still?? After this many years of complete failure? How…
Sure blizzard saves a bunch of money, but now the game which is the bottom line, so blizzard entertainment has only one person managing both versions of two similar games with vastly different problems….? I opened an in game ticket 2 days ago…is there only one GM left as well? Is that why there’s a 3 day 18 hour wait still? As of this post?
……… They really were on the verge of liquidating wow…? I was only speculating based on the amount of broken, completely unplayable content that we were sold.
I’m not saying or expecting blizz to make everyone happy because it’ll never happen, but the least they could do is tell us that they hear about the major issues within the game??
I wasnt surprised when I saw Preachers inside blizzard video trip because everywhere else in the country went back to work after covid. Sure a lot of companies had setbacks but he even commented on how the place felt empty, whether they were filming or not…almost eerie he said. So now it’s that much more obvious it’s just a milking machine at this point held together with minimal effort to get every red cent possible…
Sadly reminds me of the Game of thrones horse meme


requiring 103 on a 100% bar… Khadgar had something to do with this… i just know it.

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I’m not!
They are going all in with changes that should never have been made. They should show some humility and revert the changes with 10.0.5 and start over maybe with a new developer.


After two months this cannot possibly be a bug. Crafters have already invested in this market and many non-crafters have been exploited by it already. And ultimately item like these added to the inflation and bolstered the sales of wow tokens.
I don’t know who is the politically correct person to blame for this s hit show.

It required 103 energy not 100.


Fixed an issue where Calling the Shots was incorrectly receiving more benefit than intended while using the Chimaera Shot talent.

I mean… does any hunter still play Marksman after Double Tap was taken away?

My dudes. Quaking is comming again. And i havent read in any of your notes that balakar khan mass grip spear + quaking was adresses. Its bricking the keys left and right …exactly like last boss in iron docks.


Nerf the ridiculous mana spring? We are a joke? (yes, sadly, we are)

My poor Guardian Druid… smh… buff his Mastery at least…. Just, something ya know… I was so excited to dig him out for this expansion, poor guy, starting to get dusty again…

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Hey all! Here are today’s hotfixes.

January 31, 2023

Auction House

  • The Mobile Auction House now properly displays Dragonflight enchantments.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Algeth’ar Academy
    • Crawth
      • Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause Crawth to not appear after defeating the gauntlet.
  • Mythic+
    • The Nokhud Offensive
      • Fixed an issue that caused Quaking to apply to players during Blakar Khan’s Static Spear effect.


  • Ohn’ahran Plains
    • Fixed some issues to prevent “Field of Ferocity: Redux Master of the Hunt” fights from permanently getting stuck in an unusable state.

will Worgen characters ever get a ‘Visage’ feature, like the Dracthyr do?


Crafting UI still leaks memory while crafting.

1.5 GB per hour memory leak when the craft rate is a craft taking 1.8 seconds.

A /reload rolls back the leak to the start.

The quaking happening during Blakar Khan’s Static spear effect is definitely still happening. Wiped twice on the lass boss back to back due to this mechanic and of course bricked the key. Just finished this run about 30 mins ago. These notes were posted 4 hours ago. Unless a restart is needed?

Excellent change, now can we please also have Quaking not start its cast until someone enters combat? It sucks having Evocation get interrupted because it started after my channel begins but hits before it ends preventing me from getting my stacks and ruining my burst window.

Thank you :+1: