WoW Hotfixes - Updated March 20

Cool, something not so useful for the spec. Nobody cares about this, bears need to be able to live in order to cast a heal. You literally need CDs up at all times to live, if not you get 1 shot. That’s what people tell you guys and you all sit there ignoring it over just straight up fixing it.

“Well we don’t have a fix” my foot you don’t have a fix. Literally fixing the extremely bad and terrible Mastery scaling bears have, 360 rating per 1% Mastery like what is this bull crap, would 100% fix this issue, full on. You guys don’t even need to tweak the talent tree to fix this survivability issue, just full on making their Mastery stat scaling better, going from requiring 360 points to requiring 30 points of rating per 1% Mastery dead on fixes their survivability issue.

Then you still need to fix the talent tree because it’s still got bugs in it, but not to mention the tree is still garbage design. The only cool talent is the Ironfur doing damage. It’s boring, but it’s a cool thing to use your defense as offense.

Stop fixing nonsensical stuff and fix the actual issues with the specs. It’s not just Guardian that needs it, it’s many classes n specs that still need to be tuned better, and have their talent trees designed better. I literally don’t see how this can be that difficult. You had an alpha and a beta, you have people playing it and telling you how to fix it. You take that feedback and fix it. The spec feels good to play, the beta comes out, we all enjoy the specs. It’s that simple. Stop ignoring feedback and you won’t have anywhere close to the amount of issues you guys always have every single expansion.

You mean you didn’t like people hitting max level in 2-3 hours as opposed to 10 or 15 hours, got it.

What nonsense for the devs, make leveling faster. Why are alts a pain? Because you have to level them. They can’t just jump straight into a raid or to the gearing process at being 70. As someone who has leveled 350 characters across 7 accounts using things like the old R-a-F where it gave 300% XP boost n other methods with big XP boost, it gets ultra mega tiring leveling and super tedious to do so.

Wanna know how to make it fun? Every character that hits max level on the account gives any other character a straight up 100% XP boost per toon, let it be able to be toggled on and off and let you be able to select how much of the XP boost you want, too. For those of us with friends who slack off not having 18 characters on the account but only have like 5, we can set it to 500% XP boost then to be even with them. That would make leveling so much more fun. Make this boosted toggle check your entire account, not just your server, so you can go to an entirely different server and level up mega quickly on it, too.

That’s how you fix leveling. It can still exist for those who specialize in it, but for those who don’t care for it we have the option to make alts level much faster per character we cap. At the start of the expansion it can go up to the previous expansions, like since this goes to 70 it can go to 60. After 2-4 weeks, turn it on so people can actually use it for 60-70 as well in the current expansion. Enjoy the cheers of the crowd cheering your name because leveling is 10 times faster than what it was before.


Don’t see much demand for another expansion after this one. Even the most basic functions of the game are bugged and broken with no clue how to fix them. Can’t figure the classes out either. Just suck whatever else you can through the store in this managed decline.


previously the ability was working as intended, because why design things that dont interact with the rest of the tree?

why create talents in the class and spec trees that are static and in a bubble not affecting other talents and abelites?

changing it to grant a fixed value isn’t “increase the healing of regrowth by X” its “you heal for an additional X when you cast regrowth”

so no, there is no clarification here, the ability strait up does not do what the text implies.

Live text

“Store 5% of your damage, up to 20,759. Your next Regowth consumes all stored damage to increase it’s healing”

the healing isnt even part of the same ability anymore.
what it actually does now “Store 5% of your damage, up to 20,759. Your next Regowth consumes all stored damage to trigger the additional bonus heal up to 20,759”

with no chance of critical heals or being affected by heart of the wild. versatility or any other power boosting effects in the tree

over a 5 mins and 40 sec single target engagement with the Tanking dummy (and some of that was pre loading a full protector of the pack on the cleave) the heal from PotP was dead last in healing. Brambles did more healing… a single healing potion healed 60% More than 8 Protector of the packs combined.

so in summery, the tool tip is now very miss leading as a result of the change.
the effective power is 1% of total healing.
how is a CAP STONE ability that bad? you get more healing value out of the the top row of the tier 2 talents.
a 1% increase to total healing is = to 1% verse. except verse gives .5 Damage reduction.

its not even close to what it was bringing to the table for bears.

and even when it was bringing something decent to the table. a niche bonus, Bears were still at the bottom of the list of tanks.

a 60% increase to a minor heal in a vacuum isnt substantial in any definition in comparison.

Why nerf the worse performing Tank by a “substantial” margin?


Why don’t you always fix this website?

THIS!!! Roll back and try again, and do it better.

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" We’ve adjusted the XP rate, rather than removed it completely, to encourage players to level in more fun, interactive ways"

Dropping it from 2000-4000 to 350-450, pretty much killed it. Which I knew was coming. What feels like a slap to the face is that “level in More fun…ways” If there was a “fun” way to level, this wouldn’t be an issue. What you really mean is the ONE way you want everyone to do it, because you think questing and dungeons is the only correct way to play the game. Make those FUN then.

I honestly would prefer the option to enter a room and be told kill 10,000 mobs than quest, which is the same kill 10,000 mobs in questing just you make me run all over the place to do it. Max level is when game begins, everything else is just a mindless chore held over form the 90s

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I ask myself and fellow players this allllll the time…sometimes reading changes in the notes are almost entirely tone deaf on what’s happening in the game. Nothings ever gonna be terrific or perfect but at least really ask the majority of players among a large pool of classes and specs before only buffing/nerfing. I’m not entirely sure how they come to certain decisions without doing this? Are they only basing it on numbers of complaints from the most posts of players playing certain classes? Or from some of the devs playing only a few of the classes?
In a lot of the notes you’ll see a reason of feedback, in some you’ll see such examples like “we didn’t feel the class was living up to its potential after playing the class”.
So it would seem to me it’s less about balance and more about a certain segment of devs that only play a few classes or whoever cries the most in the forums about there class.
Prime example would be a class that has multiple roles vs a class that only serves one role. Why would a multi roll class ever do more dps than a pure dps class except when geared/ ilvl differences. Just my opinion.

Hey all! Here are today’s hotfixes.

January 27, 2023


  • Druid
    • Restoration
      • Fixed an issue that could cause Regrowth to sometimes not apply its direct healing after casting Nourish.
  • Monk
    • Mistweaver
      • Fixed an issue that caused Awakened Faeline and Ancient Concordance to fail to apply in some instances while multiple Faelines were present.
  • Paladin
    • Retribution
      • Lawbringer now correctly deals 8% of enemy maximum health in damage.
  • Rogue
    • The Outlaw 2pc set bonus now correctly interacts with Echoing Reprimand.
  • Warlock
    • Affliction
      • Fixed an issue where Inevitable Demise was granting double benefit to Drain Life.
      • Fixed an issue where Malefic Affliction was not being removed when casting Unstable Affliction on another target.
      • Fixed an issue where Withering Bolt was exceeding the described damage increase cap when using Drain Soul.
      • Fixed an issue where Malefic Rapture and Seed of Corruption consumed multiple applications of Cruel Epiphany.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Mythic+
    • Affixes
      • Bolstering no longer applies to players’ summons.

Items and Rewards

  • The Ensemble: Tuskar Trader’s Leather Armor sold by Lontupit or Murik in Iskaara will no longer require Resilient Leather, which wasn’t showing on the vendor’s list of required items.


  • Alchemy
    • Potion of Sacrificial Anima can no longer be used above level 60. The tooltip will reflect this in a future patch.
  • Engineering
    • The Magazine of Healing Darts embellishment will now only fire towards and be consumed by other players.


  • Valdrakken
    • Players who have not yet started “Reviving the Machine” should now see its starting location displayed in Valdrakken’s map.

“Fixed an issue where Affliction became playable”

ID actually felt like a good thing to press with how strong it was
Ironic that the bug to MA made the spec feel SOOO much smoother to play
That Wither Bolt bug was in the game so long you just nerfed the spec today.
You still going to ignore the StS bug with 4p arent you?

I am at a loss for words with how utterly disappointed I am with the way Affliction is being handled.


Any chance on fixing the disconnecting issue while using click to plunge on the drakes? It’s been severely affecting my gameplay. I’ve gone through every usual “fix”, it’s still broken on all of my characters. It’s only been happening since Tuesday’s patch.


idk Affliction has moments where it just gets ridiculously difficult to stop

Inevitable demise went from 1500% (bug) to 75% because math is hard, also the 4p interaction with Sow the seed is not fully fixed.

The reworked talent soul swap is back to the trash bin after today fix to malefic affliction stacks not being removed if you swap UA to another target.

Dont worry guys, affliction will get a buff to compensate the nerf it received after “fixing” withering bolt and Inevitable demise

Can we revert all the changes warlock received in 10.5? its just L after L.


Is it that horrible you had to fix it?

This is an absolutely awful change to Affliction and I wish you all would revert it back. Being able to move UA to another target and not have to cast Malefic Rapture 4 more times to apply Dread Touch was such a great quality of life change and seeing it get reverted as a bug fix is just heartbreaking.


Please take a look at some of the major survival bugs!

Deadly Duo not buffing KC dmg bug
**Deadly Duo (survival hunter talent) Stacks do not correctly increase kill command damage. **

Deadly duo applies to 259489 which is the player casted spell. But not the pet spell which ends up dealing the damage (259277).

1. Talent into Deadly Duo as a survival hunter.
2. Use Spearhead.
3. Use Kill Command and take note of its damage.
4. Use Raptor Strike / Mongoose bite 1-3 times to build up 1-3 Deadly duo stacks.
5. Use Kill Command, its damage should be equal to the previous Kill Command.

Lunge AoE range/radius bug
Lunge (Survival hunter talent) does not correctly increase the range/radius of AoE abilities/talents such as Carve, Butchery, Fury of the Eagle.

1. Talent into Lunge.
2. Find a Target Dummy, dummies are ideal because they won’t move.
3. Try and find the maximum range for Butchery where it still hits the dummy.
4. untalent lunge and repeat.
5. repeat steps above for Carve and Fury of the Eagle.

Spearhead GCD bug (FIXED)
Spearhead (survival hunter talent) Global Cooldown is unaffected by haste and haste effects.

RM crit bug
**Ruthless Marauder (survival Hunter talent) incorrectly adds 15% critical strike chance to Fury of the Eagle “execute” threshold, per rank. **

This is likely a leftover from its alpha version.

1. Talent 1-3 pts into Ruthless Marauder.
2. Unequip as much crit chance as you can.
3. Bring a mob down to 35/50/65% health depending on the amount of ruthless marauder talent pts spent.
4. Use Fury of the Eagle, and take note of the excessive crits. this is easiest to see/confirm with 3 pts spent.

ToE reset bug
Terms of Engagement (Survival hunter talent) can trigger its resets from a Condemned Demon dying, which is spawned by a Fodder to the Flame proc (Havoc demon hunter talent)

1. Talent into Terms of Engagement as a survival hunter.
2. Invite an Havoc Demon hunter to your group, have them talent into Fodder to the Flame.
3. Let the demon hunter proc a Fodder to the Flame.
4. use Harpoon, to put Harpoon on cooldown.
5. Ask the demon hunter to kill the condemned demon. and take note of Harpoon’s CD.

I know we can’t expect any major changes to improve the spec atm but bug fixes would go a long way!

I’ve complained about MA pretty much all through beta. It’s such a terrible mechanic. It being bugged made affliction feel fluid for the first time this xpac and its sad to see the spec back to being hard gated again. They really need to do something about MA or just remove it entirely.

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I get what you’re saying. They don’t want to lose out on the shop boost sales. It’s all about money in their eyes. If they see other people getting money they shut it down. The slower people can level alts gives those people more incentive on buying a boost to 60 then doing BG’s or Dungeons to 70 instead.

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Nice change! Is there any reason why we can’t just have all available quests show up on the map by default at this point? Seems like more work for you guys to constantly determine and re-determine individually which quests will or won’t display a ! on the map.

Or just remove Malefic Rapture and make it a proper DoT spec again and not yet another copy/pasted builder spender burst spec. That’s my vote.

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How is that an update for the game launch issue for Macs owners?