WoW Hotfixes - Updated March 20

a nerf that massive cant be a stealth nerf. and should never be a stealth nerf. as given there is nothing explaining it, i can only assume its a massive bug.

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Where you at it can you fix please the bug I mentioned with my first post or at least to say you are aware of it and we can expect a fix soon

It’s been over 2 years and Arcane Mages STILL cannot resummon a Mana Gem without manually deleting it or using up every charge, we should not need a macro and an addon just to make the button function the same as Healthstones (even though it’s ridiculous that what is now essentially a major cooldown is an item with charges).

People have been reporting this bug since you brought Mana Gem back and it still hasn’t been fixed.

Now, only the dragon you’re mounting when customizing doesn’t get their changes persisted. The other are persisted.

When in the area of some elite world quests Druids can’t go stealth. Just get an error can’t use that yet. But able to mount, so it’s not a combat thing.

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Hey all! Here are today’s hotfixes.

January 26, 2023


  • Druid
    • Protector of the Pack healing bonus to Regrowth and damage bonus to Moonfire has been increased by 60%.
      • Developers’ note: Previously this talent was gaining extra benefit from various modifiers on the Druid class. With the patch, we changed it to grant the exact bonus listed in the tooltip for clarity and to reduce the swings in value. However, this left the talent feeling a lot weaker, so we’re increasing its spell power substantially to compensate.
    • Guardian
      • Fixed an issue causing Raze to consume extra Tooth and Claw stacks.
  • Warlock
    • Affliction
      • Fixed an issue to where the 4pc set bonus, Cruel Epiphany, was being removed when casting Seed of Corruption, causing it to not benefit.
    • Demonology
      • Fixed an issue where Grimoire: Felguard affected the cooldown of Guillotine, Demonic Strength, and Felstorm.
      • Guillotine, Demonic Strength, and Felstorm now put each ability on cooldown for the appropriate amount of time.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Vault of the Incarnates
    • Sennarth, the Cold Breath
      • Sennarth no longer casts Chilling Blast immediately before entering Phase 2.

Enemies and NPCs

  • Fixed an issue that caused the rare enemy, Bloodbeak the Ravenous, in Nokhudon Hold to have its health scale with attackers.
  • Experience granted by enemies associated with the Cobalt Assembly has been greatly reduced.
    • Developers’ notes: From the start, the Cobalt Assembly was intended to be a max-level feature, and Sundered Flame enemies should not have granted significant amounts of XP. Having a max-level player kill enemies while in a party with lower-level players who stand around and do nothing but receive XP and reputation is not the sort of gameplay we wish to encourage. We’ve adjusted the XP rate, rather than removed it completely, to encourage players to level in more fun, interactive ways, while still leaving this as an option that is no longer the best option.

Items and Rewards

  • The Falling Star Flinger and Falling Star Catcher can now only be used outdoors.
  • Thanks to the assistance of a couple Bronze dragons, the Legion timewalking vendor items now reflect the correct item levels.
  • Removed the holiday requirement for many holiday transmog rewards.
  • Fixed an issue where using Windscar Whetstone caused other on-use trinkets to remain unusable for several additional seconds past the displayed cooldown.

Player versus Player

  • Warmode
    • Fixed an issue that prevented characters from earning “the Horde Slayer” and “the Alliance Slayer” titles.


  • Fixed an issue where crafting EZ-Thro Gravitational Displacer would craft ordinary Gravitational Displacers at certain qualities.


  • The Azure Span
    • In addition to completing tasks for Big Kinook, players can also earn credit for the quests “Community Feast” and “Aiding the Accord: A Feast For All” by throwing any discovered meat into the pot, or by yelling “Yes Chef!” when given a new task.
  • Storm’s Fury
    • Fixed an issue that can cause players to continue to gain stacks of Warmth when at the Temporal Conflux area after the event is over.
    • Fixed an issue with portal capture so that captures occur faster based on number of nearby players.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the lighting to rapidly change when entering or exiting a heat source.
    • “Resisting the Storm” can now be completed when in a raid group.
    • The HP of all Bosses in the Storm’s Fury event has been significantly reduced.
    • The HP of the Winter’s Aegis enemies during the Glakis, Winter’s Wrath boss encounter has been significantly reduced.

How about you fix the sad state bears are in after you nerfed us MORE with your rework?


That is a great way to at least temporarily deal with the lack of tasking given on super busy servers. Excellent.


There’s bugs since beta but this you fix quickly


Thank you for acting quickly on this! :slight_smile:

Stilll a slight nerf from where it was before as Feral due to it not being able to benefit from Crit, which is a stat we favour, but I’m glad you guys responded quickly to this. My Hunters in M+ will be happy.

Maybe option to let it Crit too? Or perhaps that was the point of this change.

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After the hotfix each malefic rapture and seed of corruption HIT is consuming a stack, so if MR hit 2 targets it consume 2 stacks, if it hit 3 targets it consume 3 stacks, etc…

Still a great nerf to guardian, rdruid and boomy :S
Above all the issue that he cannot become critical



Please address the issue of crafting orders not completing/providing items to requester. There are multiple forum posts regarding the issue with over 100 replies.

Good, those things made the fight miserable.

If it wasn’t intended for lower levels to use it then why did the powers give you the message " you must be 68 to use that"?

I would’ve sooner saw only L58+ be able to gain XP in the DF lands or add stealthed mobs that gank levels lowers then 50.

What about the climbing quests that are broken or field of ferocity that’s constantly bugged still… Nah leveling fast is a bigger problem. :roll_eyes:

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Wow, that’s really all guardian is going to get? When do the devs hit us with “fixed tooth and claw tool tip to reflect that it’s not supposed to work on magic damage”?

Cool, something not so useful for the spec. Nobody cares about this, bears need to be able to live in order to cast a heal. You literally need CDs up at all times to live, if not you get 1 shot. That’s what people tell you guys and you all sit there ignoring it over just straight up fixing it.

“Well we don’t have a fix” my foot you don’t have a fix. Literally fixing the extremely bad and terrible Mastery scaling bears have, 360 rating per 1% Mastery like what is this bull crap, would 100% fix this issue, full on. You guys don’t even need to tweak the talent tree to fix this survivability issue, just full on making their Mastery stat scaling better, going from requiring 360 points to requiring 30 points of rating per 1% Mastery dead on fixes their survivability issue.

Then you still need to fix the talent tree because it’s still got bugs in it, but not to mention the tree is still garbage design. The only cool talent is the Ironfur doing damage. It’s boring, but it’s a cool thing to use your defense as offense.

Stop fixing nonsensical stuff and fix the actual issues with the specs. It’s not just Guardian that needs it, it’s many classes n specs that still need to be tuned better, and have their talent trees designed better. I literally don’t see how this can be that difficult. You had an alpha and a beta, you have people playing it and telling you how to fix it. You take that feedback and fix it. The spec feels good to play, the beta comes out, we all enjoy the specs. It’s that simple. Stop ignoring feedback and you won’t have anywhere close to the amount of issues you guys always have every single expansion.

You mean you didn’t like people hitting max level in 2-3 hours as opposed to 10 or 15 hours, got it.

What nonsense for the devs, make leveling faster. Why are alts a pain? Because you have to level them. They can’t just jump straight into a raid or to the gearing process at being 70. As someone who has leveled 350 characters across 7 accounts using things like the old R-a-F where it gave 300% XP boost n other methods with big XP boost, it gets ultra mega tiring leveling and super tedious to do so.

Wanna know how to make it fun? Every character that hits max level on the account gives any other character a straight up 100% XP boost per toon, let it be able to be toggled on and off and let you be able to select how much of the XP boost you want, too. For those of us with friends who slack off not having 18 characters on the account but only have like 5, we can set it to 500% XP boost then to be even with them. That would make leveling so much more fun. Make this boosted toggle check your entire account, not just your server, so you can go to an entirely different server and level up mega quickly on it, too.

That’s how you fix leveling. It can still exist for those who specialize in it, but for those who don’t care for it we have the option to make alts level much faster per character we cap. At the start of the expansion it can go up to the previous expansions, like since this goes to 70 it can go to 60. After 2-4 weeks, turn it on so people can actually use it for 60-70 as well in the current expansion. Enjoy the cheers of the crowd cheering your name because leveling is 10 times faster than what it was before.


Don’t see much demand for another expansion after this one. Even the most basic functions of the game are bugged and broken with no clue how to fix them. Can’t figure the classes out either. Just suck whatever else you can through the store in this managed decline.


previously the ability was working as intended, because why design things that dont interact with the rest of the tree?

why create talents in the class and spec trees that are static and in a bubble not affecting other talents and abelites?

changing it to grant a fixed value isn’t “increase the healing of regrowth by X” its “you heal for an additional X when you cast regrowth”

so no, there is no clarification here, the ability strait up does not do what the text implies.

Live text

“Store 5% of your damage, up to 20,759. Your next Regowth consumes all stored damage to increase it’s healing”

the healing isnt even part of the same ability anymore.
what it actually does now “Store 5% of your damage, up to 20,759. Your next Regowth consumes all stored damage to trigger the additional bonus heal up to 20,759”

with no chance of critical heals or being affected by heart of the wild. versatility or any other power boosting effects in the tree

over a 5 mins and 40 sec single target engagement with the Tanking dummy (and some of that was pre loading a full protector of the pack on the cleave) the heal from PotP was dead last in healing. Brambles did more healing… a single healing potion healed 60% More than 8 Protector of the packs combined.

so in summery, the tool tip is now very miss leading as a result of the change.
the effective power is 1% of total healing.
how is a CAP STONE ability that bad? you get more healing value out of the the top row of the tier 2 talents.
a 1% increase to total healing is = to 1% verse. except verse gives .5 Damage reduction.

its not even close to what it was bringing to the table for bears.

and even when it was bringing something decent to the table. a niche bonus, Bears were still at the bottom of the list of tanks.

a 60% increase to a minor heal in a vacuum isnt substantial in any definition in comparison.

Why nerf the worse performing Tank by a “substantial” margin?