WoW Hotfixes - Updated January 23

Can you please fix the dungeon finder? Dungeons are missing from the dungeon finder while using Chromie Time.

I’m level 59 and cant queue for a single Cataclysm dungeon. Only 9 Classic Dungeons show up, 3 of those are for Maraudon.

I’ve made a bug report already and others have made posts about this as well. Not being able to queue for dungeons is a big problem. Please fix asap

Praise Jesus.

Any update on when the Spiritbloom issue will be fixed? Currently, when switching from Devastation to Preservation, if you do not have the talent “Font of Power,” the system can no longer tell that you have Spiritbloom learned if you use any kind of mouseover macro or clique type addon and will give an error saying spell not learned.

It works with the built in click feature, but that does not allow you to use click-to-cast on empowered spells so you can only cast the full length, and it works on the built in mouseover function, but that then affects all spells so may cause issues (especially for living flame since it can be both heals and damage, it’s too easy to accidentally mouseover someone that isn’t your target).

1 rest shaman pvp is garbage you cant keep anybody alive
2 rest shaman pvp need 7 glove to make ok heal
3 rest shaman cant survive 2 mele
4 rest shaman ability are the garbage you cant get example ancestral awakening 2 point a heal for 1 % came blizza fix rest shaman stop update crap the dont need it

I still can’t unravel cloth on my tailoring alt unless the materials are in her bags.

Please fix rogue loot specs.

Was clearing heroic raid when a 402 agi dagger dropped.

Outlaw and Assassination Rogue both rolled need and Assassination won with a need roll of 1.

This is an oversight on Blizzards part as Outlaw rogues also use daggers. It is not an OS roll.

If you are going to nerf us rogues again atleast fix the combo point bug or for gods sake the stealth break bug, considering stealth is the main attraction for our class. Havent heard anything on either issues, not saying they dont exist i just havent found anything from the blue posts. Thank god the warriors caught a buff, rolling your face all over the keyboard and still coming out on top really wasnt enough lol

Daggers are not anywhere as important to outlaw rogues as they are to assassination. The system worked as intended.

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i would just be happy if they fixed scaling. rfd is still very bugged

They are god tier in PvP and need massive nerfs.

PS - Please reverse the nerfs to Prot War please and thanks. Would love to have fun this expansion.

These are some good updates

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Can please make it so worgen don’t turn into their human form when queueing for arena skirmishes and rated pvp? I hate it, and I know other worgen players hate it too. Please?

Also please in arena, allow our macros and ui to reset position like they used to in the old UI after an arena match! :wolf:

Looking for this also, and still missing. :frowning:

So… are we not getting anything in exchange for sacrificing survivability? Our damage is mediocre and you already nerfed our MS which was the only way to put pressure on a target. I think its insulting that i geared my character for Fury and are changing the meta to favor Arms which undoes most of the progress ive made on my character, its stuff like that, that makes me not wana play anymore.

Sham feels amazing after the buffs??

You can definitely survive 2 melee as well, do you use unleash shield with water shield earth shield up? Inside an earthern and a water shield puddle you are immortal, not to mention you cam double earthern vs big cds on top of that unleash 50% dr, ive even hit 144k riptides at 30% dampening the buffs really helped.

Long story short use all your utility and you wont feel so weak.

Im no glad lad but i definitely feel much more viable after the buffs rarely needing to cast a bit of an extra tweak and well be S tier too much and well be OP because really we are quite strong, we can even do the most burst of all healersn even fist weaver, double crit storm keeper hit a warrior for 260k combined.

The REAL problem is how our burst healing is 6+ globals and a lot of those globals dont heal.

Survivability for yourself is a skill issue.

Super glad the Shadow changes did effectively nothing. Can blizz please make Shadow not suck to play and the worst in damage?

Lol “our damage is mediocre”

Hard disagree.

Was this a dig at warriors? From a rogue? Rogues, who currently are unequivocally the best class in the game right now because ALL three of their specs are the top three specs in the game? Which has never happened before, ever? Cry me a river, and enjoy youe fat nerf bat that we all know is coming.

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Agree, it’s dropped a lot of guildies and myself included from trying to really progress in a natural way. There’s no incentive now to really push your profession when others have just capped the market. They capitalize and we lose while trying to make sure we abide by the terms of service, yet those who exploited it see no reconciliation. I’m sure it’s not an easy task to try and decide who did what at this point. So as it stands. I guess the only option is to take advantage of the next exploit for personal gain as it seems there is no choice but to do so to keep up.

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Hi Devs, I hope you all have had a Happy Christmas and that you’re all doing well.

Dear Devs, for these New Year I would like to kindly ask you to finally fix the issue, excuse me, I meant to say, the very extremely annoying issue that has been among us since PRE-PATCH! Where when a hunter uses “Feign Death” you’re no longer able to see that hunter’s nameplate and healthbar. With all the respect, this is totally unacceptable because the glitch has been there for over 60 days already.

Wait, before someone says something, I know, I know: “you can use an addon to replace Blizzard’s nameplates” to that, I respond "90% of addons are giving LUA errors and notifications of incompatibility and issues where the game blocks your abilities and tells you to disable that addon and you have to reload the game; so addons are not a solution to this, the solution to this is to fixing the problem for once and for all. (I’d like to say that by text you can’t see my expressions or hear my voice tone, I’m saying this directly but in the nicest way, just want to clarify that because these days everyone is so dramatic and sensitive and then they just point at you labeling you as “toxic” or “salty” and I am not being toxic or salty or angry or in any bad way, you can’t fix people’s sensitivity set to maximum crying babies but you can fix the visual bug and make us all feel better while playing the game :P)

I hope you end this awful 2022 to start an amazing 2023 and if you had a nice 2022 (with and extreme inflation and interest rates rises) I wish that the next year to be also great :slight_smile: All the best to everyone

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