WoW Hotfixes - Updated January 23

Pretty sure this was meant for Shamans, or I’m playing my class totally wrong.


It’s absolutely stunning that Resto Druid got nerfed but Preservation Evoker got nothing. A truly sad attempt by Blizzard to ensure the new race / class remains at the top despite being ridiculously OP.


So after people have taken advantage of this by exploiting it for two weeks, they get that advantage permanently locked in with no consequences and everybody else is locked out?

Yea, it’s pretty messed up. I wasn’t aware there was a way to grind it faster? How were they doing it?

Druids get a lot of discrimination. Preservation Evoker is def competitive to traditional class/specs. It’s just unfortunate their counterpart, Devastation, is bullocks.

It was dubbed “profession shuffle” people would pick 2 professions grind it to 50, do the weekly quests to get quest artisan rep then drop the professions (losing all their skill) and do it again with two different ones cycling through all the professions to get the quest turn in rep gain.

This is way cost prohibitive for most people , which is why I personally don’t care if it’s in the game or not.

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If by “competitive” you mean insanely overpowered, then sure. Let’s break it down.

  1. It takes every one of my defensive cooldowns to prevent / heal damage that they can simply rewind with the press of 1 button.
  2. The disparity in mana efficiency is a joke. Every other healer in the game will run out of mana in a match when the Prevoker is sitting at 100k+ mana remaining.
  3. The burst damage they’re capable of putting out is way, way beyond other healers.
  4. Their mobility is wild. On par if not ahead of RDruid, and far better than any other healer.
  5. They have CC immunity. 3 charges of it on a 1 minute cooldown, I believe? Hilariously OP.

I don’t think I need to continue, but the list goes on.


I agree. As a hpal who primarily only pvp’s at a medium to high level, preservation evoker is ridiculous. First of all it feels like I dont have the healing throughput to even keep my team up in 3s for longer then 30 seconds while the evoker hasnt used a single CD and has already doubled my healing. One wrong global and my team dies, while ive watched evokers fly around the map unable to be cc’d with no gameplan just continue to out damage and out heal me. Now this is your average preservation evoker…if you encounter a 2500+ healer on evoker then you have no shot at winning unless they drastically make a mistake.

I do not mind preservation evokers kit, i think most of the concepts are fair, but some things just need to be tuned down, or other healers buffed.

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No comments on brewmaster again :skull:

Can’t even hide from the balance in off-spec

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I wasn’t going to do that anyway - the rep wasn’t worth it to me.

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Please fix Fishing Lures in the next professions patch. Fishing Lures do not increase the amount of a specific fish you are using lures for.

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when servers back ?&

huge buff for resto druids getting that 15% extra riptide healing

hoping shamans can get a 15%+ to rejuvenate soon



  • Affliction
    • [With weekly restarts] Soulburn Port duration reduced to 6 seconds in PvP.
    • [With weekly restarts] Soulburn Drain Life no longer grants an absorb when healing at full health in PvP.
    • [With weekly restarts] Soulburn Healthstone healing is reduced to 20% (was 30%) in PvP combat.

First off I am not sure why this says affliction, because I’m pretty sure this Soulburn nerf is to the entire class.

Regardless of the change, which may well be justified, I certainly hope the game has been coded to ignore consuming Soulburn in PvP when drain life is pressed - otherwise we’re going to be sacrificing the Soulburn stack for nothing when we press it. Not super elegant.

Frost boiz we rise!!!

  • Shaman
    • Enhancement
      • [With weekly restarts] All damage dealt reduced by 3%.

Ah, just what we needed. >(

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The profesion Consortium rep hotfix broke Consortium contracts please fix so we can do world quests.

That skinning update :frowning:

Oh my god Blizzard gave Druids the 15% Riptide buff instead of Shamans!!!


I agree with this 1,000%. There have been so many of these “unintended” gains so far in Dragonflight that were “fixed” weeks later with no consequence. So all of the players who didn’t know about any of the exploits – or chose not to exploit them – are just…permanently behind now with no way to catch up to the exploiters, who aren’t being punished whatsoever.

Absolutely just reinforcing that “Exploit Early, Exploit Often” for sure, because as it stands right now the only players being punished for these exploits are the ones who didn’t exploit in the first place.

Very bad message to send to players multiple times in the first few weeks of an expansion.


Disc mana is currently bugged in PVP - what was supposed to be a mana regen buff is clearly working as a nerf atm, ooming so fast and getting only 2500 mana regen (should be 9500?? if it’s 5%)