WoW Hotfixes - Updated December 16

DH pvp nerfs when

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  • [With weekly restarts] Improved Maelstrom Weapon increases the damage and healing of spells by 8%/15% per stack of Maelstrom Weapon in PvP combat (was 10%/20%).
  • [With weekly restarts] Raging Maelstrom increases the effectiveness of Maelstrom Weapon stacks by 3% in PvP combat (was 5%).
  • [With weekly restarts] Stormstrike and Windstrike damage increased by 30% in PvP combat.
    • Developers’ note: Damage and healing from fully stacked Maelstrom Weapon are higher than intended in PvP, so we’re reducing the value of the associated talents. Separately, we’d like for Enhancement’s sustained damage to be more well-rounded in PvP, so we’re increasing Stormstrike’s damage.

As an enhancement shaman that had already put the class down due to getting absolutely steamrolled by Fury Warriors and Demon Hunters, these changes make absolutely no sense.

If the buff to stormstrike is supposed to be compensation for the decrease in damage this nerf, how is it that the healing has been left as is? The maelstrom effectiveness nerfs basically leave you praying for a crit both when healing or dealing damage.

The sustained damage shift is fine but Enhancement gets absolutely destroyed in the 1v1 against specs like Fury and Havoc. The healing done by those classes requires zero conservation, whereas maelstrom heals require so much more.
Shamans have to spend their stacks on now a less effective heal in order to stay alive.

This makes the spec effectively unplayable, especially when considering the matchup against ranged classes.

I would have expected to see some baseline heal buff, or a buff healing from Earth Shield by 10% or increase surge baseline heals, but if we are going to reduce the “pop” of maelstrom instant casts, then maelstrom stacks should be MUCH, MUCH easier to generate.

Please reconsider these nerfs, the class has gotten absolutely shafted while problem specs run wild with self heals. How can enhancement be labeled a “hybrid” spec when it does less healing than every pure dps class?


There is also currently a bug with Maelstrom only being able to stack up to 8 in PvP… At least I hope this is a bug because otherwise this is terrible and kills the class even more.


i truly am in disbelief at the changes, how can these nerfs land yet no nerfs to DH or Fury self healing?

I beg the developers to simply 1v1 both of those specs with enhancement and provide a written response as to how this came to be.

The spec felt awesome, not overpowered, and required immense skill managing maelstrom instant cast healing and damage. Now it feels unplayable.


All these people complaining about tuning issues. is this your first wow expansion? the season hasn’t even started yet. worst part of wow community are all the “nerf this its too op” whiner babies.

Hey all! Here are today’s hotfixes.

December 6, 2022


  • Death Knight
    • Blood
      • Fixed an issue with Voracious increasing Death Strike’s minimum heal by more than intended.
  • Hunter
    • Fixed an issue where enemies that were immune to the knockback from High Explosive Trap were still being affected by Binding Shackles.
  • Priest
    • Shadow
      • Psyfiend health reduced to 4% of the Priest’s maximum health (down from 10%).
      • Psyfiend is no longer immune to debuffs and channel effects.
      • The channel duration of Psyflay from Psyfiend is now 12 seconds to match the creature’s duration.

Creatures and NPCs

  • Fixed an issue where Enkine the Voracious could not be summoned.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Halls of Infusion
    • Fixed an issue that was preventing Death Knights from returning to the dungeon using Death Gate.

Items and Rewards

  • Fixed an issue where if a player dies while equipped with the Primal Ritual Shell the chosen buff resets to wind.
  • Adjusted the drop rates of Rousing Ire across all forms of content. In general, gathering should be providing substantially less, while participating in instanced PvP should be more rewarding.
  • Dreamscape Prism now correctly increases your Mastery.
  • Food buffs received from the Valdrakken Feast will no longer be cancelled when using your Hearthstone.
  • The “Fully Ruby Feasted” debuff has been fixed to allow the players two simultaneous Ruby Feast buffs, and will no longer affect any of the cosmetics received from food here.
  • Fixed an issue where trading Bundle O’ Cards: Dragon Isles and Soggy Clump of Darkmoon Cards could cause the client to crash.


  • The number of first-time crafts that can grant experience has been reduced to 30 (was 60).
    • Developers’ note: We made this change to better support gaining XP from crafting during leveling, while minimizing the incentive to take on several throw-away professions just to level yourself faster.
  • Fishing
    • Fixed an issue where Tuskarr Fishing Holes were not available to players with Iskaara Tuskarr Renown rank 4 on the account and Dragon Isles Fishing.


  • The Azure Span
    • Made some backend changes to the Community Feast to reduce lag.
      • Developers’ note: Please let us know if you see unusually high lag, particularly if it happens only in the Iskaara area, or if it only happens while the Community Feast event is occurring.
  • Ohn’ahran Plains
    • The quest boss for “The Field of Ferocity: Master of the Hunt!” should now behave properly when both left unengaged in combat and when being defeated.
  • Thaldraszus
    • Fixed an issue where players and NPCs were floating during the “Back to the Future” cinematic.
    • Fixed an issue in “Cracks in Time” where the extra action button was not displaying while dragonriding.
  • The Waking Shores
    • Fixed an issue where Disgruntled Riverbeast Matriarch was not displaying the proper tooltip during “Wildlife Rescue.”

RIP DK’s, But hey, DH keep on rockin’…


Not gonna fix enhance only stacking 8 Maelstrom?

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Turnip Punching Bags are causing the lag in the soup event now, I think.

oh cool thanks i can pw:shield my psyfiend again

Please fix enhance only stacking 8 Maelstrom in PVP

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Awesome. An effective 37% nerf on the minimum heal - now even worse in PvP despite the back-to-back nerfs. Why not just remove Death Strike from all specializations?


Can we please get some proper tuning adjustments to Havoc Demon Hunter in PvP, the specialization has unbelievable self-healing paired with the best damage in the game right now so much so that they’re in their own special tier above S.

They are way too tanky for how much consistent and burst damage they can dish out to everyone else.

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This broke the quest chain and world quest completely

This is still happening, today, 12/7/22.

The entire western part of the map was lagged today while the feast activity was going on. I was in Iskaara and the Gorloc area trying to quet during the feat activity.

I received the achievement for the feast today so you can look at my profile to see when it occurred.

Can we half or quarter the cooldown on the alchemy experimentation fails? 9 times out of 10 they do fail.

Azure Span still gets laggy during the soup-making event, and I was in the middle of the map farming herbs while it was going on.

Hmmm they forgot about thrash not working in arena again. I’m sure they will get it next week before season 1 starts.

The lag in Azure Span is now actually worse than it was before. Also it appears that people dropping the various punching bag toys causes everything to glitch and people not to get assignments from Big Kinook.

Hey all! Here are today’s hotfixes.

December 7, 2022

Black Market Auction House

  • Fixed an issue where players at max level could not use the Black Market Auction House.


  • Hunter
    • Fixed an issue where Sentinel Owl would remove Rogues from Stealth.
  • Monk
    • Windwalker
      • Fixed an issue where Transfer the Power was gaining multiple stacks from a single Rising Sun Kick.
  • Paladin
    • Fixed an issue where Seal of the Crusader was increasing all Holy damage taken by the target instead of just the caster’s Holy damage.
  • Priest
    • Holy
      • Fixed an issue causing Answered Prayers to not be removed when extending Apotheosis.
  • Rogue
    • Subtlety
      • Secret Technique can now correctly trigger Alacrity.
  • Shaman
    • Enhancement
      • Fixed an issue causing Maelstrom Weapon to not stack past 8 stacks with Raging Maelstrom.

Creatures and NPCs

  • Fixed the positions of several enemies in the Fetid Encampment so that they are no longer blocked by the environment.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Ruby Life Pools
    • Kyrakka and Erkhart Stormvein
      • Fixed an issue where Kyrakka could attack unintended targets when she lands.
      • Fixed an issue that could prevent Flaming Embers from correctly inflicting damage.
  • Shrine of the Storm
    • Tidesage Council
      • Multiple adjustments were made to Slicing Blast on Normal difficulty to require fewer interrupts from players still in the leveling process.
  • Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr
    • Fixed an issue that was preventing Death Knights from returning to the dungeon using Death Gate.

Items and Rewards

  • The Bottomless Reliquary Satchel trinket now provides primary stats.
  • Greater Obsidian Key will no longer vanish upon leaving the Obsidian Citadel.
  • Fixed an issue where Waking Earth and Waking Fire were unable to be used when spawned outside the Waking Shores.
  • Increased affected area of Tome of Unstable Power to 8 yards (was 5).
  • Fixed an issue where the Darkmoon Deck: Dance was removing players’ shapeshift.
  • Fixed an issue where Missingway Hand Cannon was incorrectly categorized as a bow.

Pet Battles

  • Fixed an issue where the Snowclaw Cub could not be summoned from the Pet Journal.

Player versus Player

  • Classes
    • Druid
      • Guardian
        • Den Mother (PvP Talent) now affects raid and party members.
  • Items
    • Assembly Guardian’s Ring absorption reduced by 60% in PvP combat.
    • Assembly Scholar’s Loop damage reduced by 60% in PvP combat.
    • Assembly Preserver’s Band heal reduced by 60% in PvP combat.


  • The Azure Span
    • Fixed an issue where the Artifact Locator would remain after completing “Can’t Have These.”
  • Dragonflight Campaign
    • Fixed an issue causing “Renown of Dragon Isles” and “Open Orientation” to not be available to alts who have not completed the Thaldrazus storyline, preventing them from completing the endgame campaign.
  • Jewelcrafting
    • Mundane Gems now correctly drop from Djaradin enemies during “Mundane Gems, I Think Not!”
  • Obsidian Citadel
    • Fixed an issue where Osoria’s Assistance would remain in player’s inventory after completing “Hands-Off Operation.”
  • Ohn’ahran Plains
    • Fixed an issue with “Second Challenge of Tyr: Might” where the second objective incorrectly directed players to speak with the Projection of Tyr and has been corrected to the Maiden of Inspiration.
  • Thaldraszus
    • World Quests
      • Fixed an issue where freeing Imprisoned Travelers during “Rebel Concerns” was not correctly providing credit.
      • Fixed an issue with “Hydro Tuskarr” where switching watershoes caused the extra action button to disappear.
      • Fixed the visual for Watergliders and Waterwalkers when they are equipped during “Hydro Tuskarr.”
      • Fixed an issue where the Sneaky Youngster could be interacted with multiple times during “Hide and Seek.”
  • The Waking Shores
    • The amount of Impressive Dragon Skulls required to complete Tarjin’s Tale reduced to 5 (was 25).


  • Iskaara Tuskarr
    • Map icons for the Community Feast should now display for eligible alts.
  • Valdrakken Accord
    • Players who have reached renown rank 26 or higher with Valdrakken Accord will now unlock armor for all four dragonriding drakes when they enter Thaldraszus.