WoW Hotfixes – Updated November 1

It is a HORRIBLE game system that in the maw you lose hundreds of stygia for each death when adds drop almost nothing, and one death eats all the stygia you can gain from dailies. I haven’t had a single lag issue in the maw all 9.0, but now in 9.1 I’ve lost thousands of stygia because now the environment lags. Straight up beta content. This is pathetic.


Hello! Please do Gnome Druids, I would be so happy about it!


Hey, you may know this already but just FYI in case not:

You can loot your corpse to get your stygia back.


I approve only because it would mean horde gets another Druid race, and I’m dying for goblin or blood elf druids. Would settle for Vulpera.

Just give us a small Druid race please thanks.


Hello everyone! Here are the hotfixes from today:

JUNE 30, 2021


  • Fixed an issue where Achievement progress toasts were appearing in the wrong size and the text was not centered.


  • Death Knight
    • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t create a class trial Pandaren Death Knight.
  • Monk
    • Mistweaver
      • Fixed an issue where the Harm Denial conduit wasn’t increasing the healing of Expel Harm when used on an ally during Soothing Mist.

Creatures and NPCs

  • Winged Ravager’s Devour Essence will once again correctly damage its primary target instead of all nearby players.

Items and Rewards

  • The Great Vault has returned and generates the correct item levels for Mythic+ rewards.
  • Fixed an issue where certain Soulbind, Covenant set and Legendary bonuses were giving 50% more stats than intended, returning them back to their correct tooltip amounts.


  • Fixed an issue that caused some players to lose Rank 4 Legendary item crafting recipes.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause other players to interrupt Ve’nari’s actions during the quest “Mysteries of the Maw.”
  • Fixed an issue where “Mysteries of the Maw” would no longer progress if you died and resurrected during the stealth segment of the quest.

I’m still crossing my fingers for Blood Elf druids myself. The dream! :elf:


Will the people that looted the vault before we knew it was bugged have new options? Or is it just a tough luck situation?


Please make it happen for us! The horde really deserves a smaller race to be druids than our current options, I believe in you!


As well as Gnome Druids because the Alliance is here too! Huzzah!


Heya! /waves
Here are today’s hotfixes.

JULY 1, 2021

Creatures and NPCs

  • For those braving the dangers of Korthia, you will find that a friendly Maldraxxi Flayedwing has arrived to assist in ferrying you to the Vault of Secrets after completing “Charge of the Covenants.” The only payment is gentle head pats. (Be sure to pet both of its heads, just to be sure.)


  • Fixed an issue where characters that don’t have the Shadowlands expansion were unintentionally unable to access various quests, such as some dailies and holiday quests.

Burning Crusade Classic

  • You must be level 65 or higher to enter The Shattered Halls or The Steamvault.

I cant believe those are the only hotfixes. Bugs all over 9.1 and this is it?


This doesn’t appear to be in game yet? Anyone seen this actually in game?


I used it moments ago but after i came back it was gone

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Took the flight over there with no problem. I got stuck in the “under attack” bug and couldn’t mount. I ended up hearthing back to my covenant. I went back to Korthia to go back over there but the Flayedwing was gone. I logged off for about an hour and when I came back it still was gone.


Guess Linxy wasn’t kidding about making sure to /pet both it’s heads…

I haven’t tried to use this yet, but that does sound frustrating.


LOL IDK why I find it so amusing to imagine the two headed dinosaur bird flying away and peacing out permanently after dropping you off.


Where is the hotfix to remove this stupid betrayal status?? By the time you roll it out it’ll be reset day anyway…


Hiya everyone! Here are today’s hotfixes.

Have a nice weekend! :partying_face:

JULY 2, 2021


  • Treasures of Korthia now displays a toast and awards achievement points when earned.
  • Players will now correctly receive credit for Conquering Korthia when defeating Deomen the Vortex.
  • Consumption will now always grant credit for Conquering Korthia when defeated after he has grown into a rare creature.


  • Mage
    • Fire
      • Controlled Burn (PvP Talent) will no longer prevent Ignite from spreading.


  • Venthyr
    • Fixed an issue where Venthyr players who had completed their Covenant Campaign prior to the release of Chains of Domination would see their campaign as incomplete.
  • Soulbinds
    • Venthyr
      • Fixed several issues where icons were mismatched on the Soulbind User Interface and the buff effects applied to players.

Creatures and NPCs

  • Enemies fighting other enemies in Korthia should no longer keep players in combat after they run far enough away.
  • Tormented Demolishers in Korthia are now an elite enemy.
  • Kah-Bear will no longer pick fights with unsuspecting enemies nearby while tracking Malbog.
  • Duchess Mynx is now more welcome to players who aren’t old friends.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Spires of Ascension
    • Fixed an issue that made Astronos’ Crescendo ability originate from the wrong location.
  • Grim Batol
    • Fixed an issue that would prevent the Battered Red Drakes from taking flight.

Items and Rewards

  • Korthia treasures are now found to contain many more items and will not disappear for a much longer time once first found. This should allow you to get to them and loot them before they disappear.
  • Many zone consumables (such as those purchased with Infused Rubies), treasure items from the 9.0 zones, and enchants such as Shadowlands Gathering and Shady Hearth should now work in Korthia.
  • Brokers’ Overflowing Bucket no longer has a hole in it, and now correctly contains meat and fish.
  • Field Warden’s Torture Kit and Cold Burden of the Damned can now be transmogrified.


  • Giving Ve’nari her Overstuffed Bag at the end of the “Ease of Passage” quest now removes the bag properly. It’s her bag after all.
  • The animaflow teleporter used in the “Ease of Passage” quest should now be more reliable.
  • The starting point of interest indicator for the quest “Good News, Everyone!” will now consistently display in the proper location on the map in Gorgoa, rather than the incorrect spot in Korthia.
  • Drab Hoppers now respawn much more quickly for the quest "Gold’s No Object.”
  • The tea should now be more consistently spilled upon targeted enemies for “Spill the Tea.”
  • “Missing Relics” will now complete when purchasing any of the four keys that Roh-Suir has to offer.
  • Fixed an issue where the beacon in “Lost Records” was not appearing if Particle Density was disabled in the System Settings menu.
  • Fixed an issue where “The Vessels of Jewels” could not be turned in.
  • Fixed an issue where “Finding One’s True Purpose” couldn’t be accepted again immediately if the quest was abandoned during the ritual.

The Maw

  • Night Fae Assault
    • Enemies fighting Droman Aliothe during the Double Dromans quest now prefer to fight Droman Aliothe until directly challenged.

Excellent, thanks for fixing this stuff.



Excellent and quick change, thank you!