WoW for Christmas

Is anyone else getting the expansion as a Christmas gift? I feel left out, I think the Launch should have been Jan 1st, WoW for new Year.

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Don’t feel left out, there’s still boatloads of people who aren’t even 70 yet or are 70 but still have plenty of things to do. Also, season 1 isn’t out yet so if you’re going to get it for Christmas, you’ll only miss a couple weeks of it. Game is here for a couple years.

Oh actually you did miss out. You missed out on multiple days of unplayable laggy servers :joy: it hasn’t been the smoothest launch.

Hang in there, you’re almost there!

What about a hearthstone for every expansion? That would be a neat addition to capital city portals. I can’t wait to spend my December money on wow. I’ve been enjoying a lot of old stuff. I’m trying to get the heirloom rings.