WoW cuts off ethernet connection

Hi everyone.

Really frustrated at this point so I decided to see if anyone else has the same issue. It’s really bizarre. Whenever I get on WoW my ethernet connection will drop and it will start “identifying” thus disconnecting me from WoW. I’ve scoured the internet for possible solutions and I’ve flushed my DNS a few times, unplugged my router and modem, and a few other things, but nothing is improving. It’s incredibly frustrating. Hope anyone can help!

Just for the sake of completeness, what brand is your computer and your network device? There have been issues in the past with specific “high-performance gaming” networking hardware not being compatible with WoW when you turn on certain enhanced network features.

Possable call your ISP.
Since the game was so big my provider started closing my connection down long enough to earn the time/download.
Bam it would be back then …
Bam it would drop…
This went on for 3 days till I found out what it was.
Upgraded to the next higher rate of cable modem speed. Fine ever since. I had it set to download in background future patches.

So I spent all day messing with things like restarting the modem a few times even got on the horn with Google to see if my router had something wrong with it and everything is fine right now… But I am using a Netgear CM1200 Modem and a Google Nest Wifi router. Keeping an eye on things for now. This was so unplayable I had no idea what was going on.