WoW council

One guy said 8 of his friends wouldn’t of quit if prot pally was nerfed week 3 instead of now… lmao pvp community is screwed.


A guy said hes high rated pvp, from rbg and like twice in his life time


We need more Tanks on the council to get buffs and more Tank representation in PvP. We can fix PvP and add comp diversity again. Imagine the joy of seeing Blood DK’s, Prot Wars and different Tank comps throughout your Que session. It really would help the players to have fun when ALL their favorite specs are competitive.

To be fair Rank 1 players have zero idea what is good for PvP in this game. They only care about their selfish needs and not the community.


Is this posted somewhere? Would be interested to see who was selected.

Except it would do the opposite.

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They couldn’t even spend the time to draft an email to the people who weren’t selected, oof.

I think it’s not bad to be honest because they can have rank 1 insight from AWC players/games. Some middle of the pack feedback on what’s fun or not is also good.

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True, I just hope the read the forums and not listen to the trolls. Bluster already made a comment about honor gain. He’s on my good side.

when is the amatox efxsp showdown livestream happening so i can break a year of sobriety

I think I’m gonna puke.


Only people I recognize is Bluster. They seem to be pretty reasonable, and knowledgeable–I think it was a solid choice for PVP representation.

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It’s on the primary forums tree in the section with general discussion

Has a thread where they all introduced themselves

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Getting bluster is the best we could hope for imo. I’m legitimately relieved and really think some good will come out of it

No idea who the other guy is, but really happy for bluster


They’re a BM monk main who PVPs. Which might be good in the way of suggesting they make other tanks viable for RBGs (and hopefully condemns them in arena). lol

When they triple down on the rated gating for pvp for the next expansion, we’ll know this council didn’t speak for the majority of us




I was hoping Biebz was selected, that guy gets it. Bummer :frowning:

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Where are you guys seeing this? Did they put out a list of players or something?

I see a LOT of fractured ego’s in this forum.

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