WoW Council Status Check?

I hear you’re able to check if you’re approved or declined somehow, but I’ve gotten no update on my Email or account. Help?


I’m not certain where you may have heard that, Killerfrost, but that isn’t something we can do here or through Customer Support.

The WoW Community Council is a Community project. It isn’t something Customer Support has any information on or involvement with. If you clicked on the link in the WoW Community Council announcement and filled out the form then that is all you need to do.


I just assumed there would be a way to see the status of my application.

While I understand you can’t check personally, I thought you may have some idea where to check. I gather I may have just been misled by a poster on the forums.


If there was a means, that information probably would have been posted in the main thread on GD.


Not that I’m aware of. As far as I know, once they select the folks who will be part of the Community Council those folks will be contacted. I don’t believe Community announced any kind of time frame on when that will happen so I’d keep an eye on the Community forums for more information.


I think this might stem from the stories of Asmongold getting his rejection response for his application. I haven’t read the stories to know the specific details, but I did see those flying around. It may give the impression that there is a way to find out. I don’t know if that is the case or not.

I would be surprised if he applied. He already has a major platform, connections with Devs, and has been to Blizz for talks.

I applied. I have not heard a thing yet. Nor any timeline on when that might happen.


He did, maybe. What he says happened doesn’t make too much sense, but for posterity, here it is without any of the fluff and nonsense you normally have to put up with to get the bullet points of what happened:

  • He states that he “applied” (scare quotes for reason, read on)
  • He states his application was “rant-filled” and “frank”. Decide in your head what that means. Note that I cannot directly quote the parts of the “application” Zack made public because I would get flagged and actioned for profanity.
  • The excerpt from his “application” that has become popular: “What kind of dog-(word) (word) garbage is that? I’m not having fun.”
  • He then received an email saying, and I do quote, “It says ‘your support status ticket has been changed to resolved. A game master has resolved your ticket and left you the following response: no response posted.”

So, did he file a ticket? Or did he apply for the Community Council?

Prepare for hundreds of “I want to check my status,” threads or “Why didn’t I get an email?” threads. I dunno what Zack applied for, but I wasn’t aware that Community Council applications were handled via Support Ticket.

I don’t believe they ARE handled by support ticket, but correct me if I am wrong. :+1:

Anyway, them’s the facts, and a bit of my own conjecture at the end. Have a good one folks.


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So then Zack didn’t actually apply. He opened a support ticket with a rant in it, then read the response to that ticket to his fans.

Dude has a knack for starting wide-spread misunderstandings and falsehoods. I feel sorry for the ticket-answering crew this morning. After Zack’s experience went public, tickets on joining the Community Council probably spiked something huge.

“Auto-Ban II: The Council Status Support Ticket”



Boils down to creating drama for the viewers. It’s why “reality” tv show producers do what they can to create drama (which then, for some reason, becomes plastered over news sites). No different for streamers.

There are some humorous classic BC WoW clip compilations around with some of him that make me just cringe.

Yep, not a fan and never will be :wink: