Wow community council question

To be fair, I would keep my community council persona separate from my normal persona by posting on an unconnected classic toon.

The reason for this is because if I was posting on the council forums I would be giving people a voice I might not agree with because that’s the job. I don’t necessarily want to do that on my main. But also I don’t want random people contacting me in game or throwing a tantrum at me existing on the forums on my main.

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They said this came from the success of classic

These were pretty much a given

I think this one is just blizzard

Might be them, but I think they’ve known the community position on flying for years

These 2 I could see going either way


if they couldnt do that then maybe its time to rework the forums and counsil if they have to hide etc.

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For some damn reason that set me off on a laughing jag! Probably cuz it’s too true!


If you’re interested in a real answer, many community council members are from other regions like the EU, and thus have no other characters to post from on our region’s forums.


Community Council members have no power at all, esp not over other players.

Most are not, although quite a few are not Mythic raiders. They enjoy PvP, transmog, achievements, crafting, collecting pets/mounts, RP, etc.

The goal was to have people from all aspects of the game, not just the ones that get the most current attention (Raiding).

The number of low level chars is mostly due to the fact that they are EU players who had to make an alt to be able to post on the US forums. They said exactly that in their Intro posts in the main intro thread there.

In my case, I was made a TS/CS MVP back in 2013 and am also in the WoW Community MVP program. I was asked in 2013 to select a single posting character and stick to it. I did. I have posted on Mirasol for almost 10 years now. My main playing char may change from expansion to expansion, but not my posting char.

Judging people by their posting character is not really helpful. Judge them by what they actually have to say.

You will want to read through the Intro thread to find out more about what each person on the CC is interested in and what their backgrounds are.

I have never been allowed to. I am not allowed to alt hop to hide who I am. If I post on another char (Strawberries still has green) I make it very clear who I am.

Being in the programs means a loss of ability to do a lot of things here - and it means a target on your back. Green or gold is more accessible than Blues and some folks seem to take out their anger on them. It is not fun and is why a lot of people don’t want to even be in those programs.

Being green can be really useful when giving advice on tech or customer support stuff, or even basic game questions. It has uses.


That’s what the GD is for - we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t fun…

that seems like a lack of foresight on blizz and you could probably suggest to them to enable your EU main to be your posting profile. because like i said majority of the trolls and doom and bloom people hide behind low lvl alts or alts with zero progression. and it makes it seem like the council goes to whoever asked instead of people who actually play the game.
but i do aspirate you saying that it still doesnt change the fact the council not really doing anything.


Nay! But since we’re getting talent trees, if that scales with levels, I’m okay with this.



I kind of expected more but it’s better than nothing I suppose. Color me neither disappointed or impressed. DragonDEEZNUTS seems like a very harmless expansion.

If you mean people on the CC don’t always care for everything Blizzard does and are honest? Yeah. Of course. They were asked to give their opinion, not to blindly agree with whatever Blizzard does.

The requirement is to follow the forum rules and be constructive, but people in the programs do not have to agree with Blizz or LIKE everything Blizz creates.

That would not be good feedback at all. They wanted critical feedback too.


doom and gloom vs feed back is different. they will go saying WoW is dying with zero proof just to cause drama.
edit: an example is the new race cant wear tmogs i hope one day we can - feed back
WoW is dying here is my click bait youtube video i made that has no sources but its dying reeee.

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Sorry you have to go through that. I’ve seen it a couple times in threads you’ve been in - stupidly childish behavior - you stay classy. Job well done. I moderated a recovery forum for four years. I had to rein it in as to how I replied - not like Liadariel who gets to swear once in awhile! lol

I’ve seen a couple like that but hopefully the whole council isn’t. Blizz seems to be taking feedback from multiple sources, too.

I have no idea.

I’ve noticed this, too. It’s weird, especially when you realize that some of them are quite dumb & immature and yet, they’re chosen to provide input into the game.

How odd. Only thing I can think of is they must be related to someone who works there.


That is not a lack of foresight. The US and EU accounts are totally separate in every way. There is no ability to have them post here, or vice versa. Just like you can’t transfer between the Regions either.

The only way for an EU poster to post here is by making a US game license alt and leveling to 10.

That is an issue with the way the forums are set up. All the other Blizz forums post by Bnet account which makes sock puppeting much harder. Only WoW allows use of chars which gives a single Bnet account at least 400 chars to post with if they have all 8 licenses. I have long asked for it to be changed to Bnet account with the option to use our char as the avatar.

Please don’t aspirate. That leads to pneumonia! Be safe. :slight_smile:

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apparate* sorry im on my phone so sometimes i miss type things :stuck_out_tongue:

While there are influencers who do that, I have not seen anyone on the CC engaged in it. None of them are major streamers.

Again, please go read the Introduction thread I linked you to so that you can learn more about the people on the CC as individuals.

next time i see one i will link it but there was some guy a week ago who did it and it was a blood elf guy.

the kinda people that would want such a position are in most cases very sinister folks

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We were allowed to choose the toon that was given the role when we were invited.

I almost chose a different toon cause I knew some people had issue with how blunt I am, but I wanted to be as transparent as I could.

There’s also people from EU who have basic characters on NA for posting in the NA forums.

Likewise, as others said, we’re all forms of content - I don’t touch mythic raids, rated PvP, M+, etc. I’m a casual content player - pet battles, solo world questing, LFR, etc.

We have varied interests - I want like, Sethrak as playable, but someone else may not. (As seen in the thread I just posted, I want new class combos, another one doesn’t), etc.

We have no power at all. All we have is the ability to give the feedback that’s important to us, in response to things in the game. Likewise, as it’s in threads, the other members from other aspects of the game can weigh in on how they feel about those topics at the same time.

The one time I tried posting on another character after joining the Council (specifically for that reason), I got yelled at by multiple people for trying to “hide myself.” So I just didn’t bother anymore.

You don’t have to agree with everything a CC member says, just like you likely don’t agree with some of your friends on parts of the game. We’re just regular players like you.