WoW Comanion App troops - legion/BoA have no skills

Ever since Companion App Gate - all my troops for BoA or Legion have slowly but surely stopped being able to be functional in any type of support function necessary for boost to party dynamics. Effectively making them useless. I can not find anything on this so added a note here.

I am sure this has to do with some giant conspiracy theory that you have a Kardashian now as an intern writing code while posting some inane thing on social media that is controlled by Trump who has 3 days before he takes over the White House again… its true I saw it all on the interwebs! … I really can’t wait to hear this one from some of the people that spew this crazy stuff…

In any case can it be looked into and you know something noted/worked on suggested?



Having same issue with the app and on PC in the live game mission tables for said zones. SL zone seems to work fine with the app and on PC in live game. Troops contribute nothing to missions, so Champion-Followers unable to counter Troop specific mechanics.

Same. It’s really annoying when missions give no bonus loot if you can’t counter that. And you have nothing to counter it. Please fix this, Blizz?