WoW Classic Version 1.13.7 PTR is Now Available

The batch window we have right now is a recreation and the leeway ranges we have seen also is a rough recreation. It already has been changed. Get with the times.

It seems true based on my knowledge of how the modern classic server is built from a fork of the retail server, that the implementation we have currently is not 100% faithful to the original vanilla servers.

But that does not mean that a radical, drastic change from a 400ms batch window, to all spells on a 10ms batch window, is even a solution or improvement at all to this situation.

In most private servers you see that have tried to recreate original expansions, a compromise closer to 250ms has been settled upon which inmproves the responsiveness of the game while making interactions and plays based upon spell batching still possible and desirable to pull off.

Ultimately, only Blizzard has played an original 1.12 client+server since that was the live game, (private servers allow you to connect with a 1.12 client to a 3.x wotlk server that was hacked to use a vanilla database, since the original 1.12 server source was never leaked outside of Blizzard but Blizzard said they did find the source code internally and use it as a reference in classic development)

So only Blizzard has the capabilities to test and measure what was the actual behavior of the true 1.12 client+server. Originally based on that research they settled on 400ms. This is key, as it informs us this was Blizzard’s best first attempt to get close to original behavior.

Currently, making the change from 400ms to 10ms is not indicative of deeply studying the original vanilla server and settling on a closer approximation of the original batching behavior; rather this change is so drastic that it signals a kneejerk reaction based on the cries of an ignorant mob that in most cases as evidenced in this thread doesn’t even have a clear understanding of what batching is.

The commitment I want to see from Blizzard is not to give into the mob but to carefully consider the skills and strategies and meta developed on years of players finding ways to utilize spell batching creatively, before rushing into a reckless change that signals an end to the batching meta in order to satisfy players that want a more retail-like action RPG.

I’m a Paladin, my tank CD is LoH.

Considering how many guilds are trying to poach me because my guild is dying, I really do not think this is the case. My reflexes are good, plenty of times over the last year I’ve been fast enough to use an appropriately timed LoH that would have saved people if Blizzard didn’t decide to use an archaic action processing system from 2006.

If you’re suggesting I should have had some sort of precognition to predict the tanks getting crit and parry haste blasted, that’s not how the game should work and it won’t, going forward. Even the best guilds in the world lose tanks to awful RNG sometimes.

I’m glad they are reversing their terrible decision.


The way Mindtrick keeps going on about how skilled he is for using macros to abuse batching I half expect him to make a big speech about being “The Prince of ALL Saiyans” lol


can elemental shamans still do the combo?


Just wanted to let you know that we’ve spawned a few helpful (if a bit hapless) Training Dummies in Durotar and Elwynn Forest to facilitate easier class testing on the 1.13.7 PTR.



This is a gross misrepresentation of my position, and I take your obvious smears and trolling to indicate that you aren’t capable of engaging meaningfully with the arguments I have presented.

The ONLY person bragging about their skill here is the paladin weirdly bragging that multiple guilds want to poach him.

Bringing retail server behavior to classic is a BIG MISTAKE.

The original vanilla WoW, TBC, WotLK, Cata, and MoP ALL HAD THE 400ms BATCH WINDOW

This change is a massive, risky change that completely disrupts the meta and buffs classes which are already kings.

It’s a MASSIVE buff for warriors in PvE during the execute phase, and they are already the dominant class.

It’s a MASSIVE buff for rogues in PvP because they can get consistent restealths from improved gouge, and Rogue is already top tier in PvP!

This is a massive change and 99% of the lemmings asking for it, while they may mean well, are uninformed or operating from the premise of outright misinformation, and don’t understand AT ALL the implications of bringing this retail server design into classic.

Some initial discussion of the terrible implications for class balance is discussed by Sarthe here:

The implications are:

The game will play better. That’s it, those are the implications.

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Do you think it’s fine if a Rogue can restealth for free on you in PvP every time his Gouge comes off cooldown?

Do you think it’s fine if warriors, which are already far and away the single dominant class in raids, get a double digit % buff to their throughput in execute phase?

People are already discovering disastrous side effects of this change for PvP balance:

I mean yeah it would be pretty terrible if it made it to live servers like that, (being unable to act or move directly after a CC effect has ended on you) but that’s the point of it being on the PTR is it not? This batching change is a large fundamental change to the way the game is played as you’ve said, so unintended behaviour like this is going to emerge.

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idk blizzard doesn’t always fix these sorts of things

"This batching change is a large fundamental change to the way the game is played"

Yes, and very few of the ignorant mob who have been calling for this understand the implications.

  1. 400ms batch window is accurate to vanilla, tbc, wotlk, cata, and mop. Only in wod did Blizzard introduce 1ms-10ms response for servers.

  2. This drastic change is shocking not only in terms of bugs it will introduce, but also in terms of how it will upset class balance on a fundamental level. In particular, this is a MASSIVE BUFF for the classes which are ALREADY THE STRONGEST. Are you willing to live with that? Are you willing to live with it if it prompts Blizzard to make further changes to classes in order to compensate?

  3. Making a change to the game which is this fundamental, bringing in retail server behavior to classic which never worked that way, will greatly accelerate the erosion of the game and signal a willingness to make other drastic retail-like changes.

Just a reminder for those on this forum or who are monitoring this subject: Get onto the PTR and test the changes. It takes less than 1 minute to get it set up. Select from app under the drop-down box and select PTR Classic.

Copy over a character and test the features. Then come back to the forum and provide your thoughts. It’ll be much more valuable then speculation.

elemental mastery still works :+1:

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Yup this is actually a bug that is fixed in TBC, not a spell bashing issue.

I’m 100% ok with it and able to live with the changes. I’m also 100% able to live without the changes. Lets not take the game too seriously.

Right on! stoked!

Thanks for the Andonisus, Reaper of Souls Easter egg, that sword is awesome.

https:// imgur. com/a/hyCvuCE

There was 4 lootable runic demonic swords yesterday around catapults at SW entrance, 12 hours later they still havent respawned, do they only appear on server/weekly restart?