WoW Classic Version 1.13.4 Patch Notes

…Did Kaivax say Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker?

No, he clearly said

The Twin Blades of Azzinoth

Nah i wanted:
Real talent trees
Real class diversity
Gear that actually matters

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I detect the secret language of the Tauren Druids.

hey can you revert this? hunters ask for actual bug fixes for over 6 months (feign, traps, auto shot delay) & instead you make it so pets give the boss parry haste, get whipped, and breathed / cleaved on. it’s already shown up as a problem in our latest raid, and i’m not looking forward to having to manually change my pets positioning mid fight

Kay. So I’ll sap, sheep, root, charm etc the target instead until honorless target falls off and then the priest will mind control…did this change actually do anything? Did you use your brain at all today or just nod your head in agreement with whatever blizzard decided?

The change is dumb, takes aim at priests for no real reason that would feasibly make sense and more importantly continues a slippery slope of changes that didnt exist in the original game. What you intended to stop wont be stopped. Keep your greasy hands out of the developer tools, Blizzard


How did I miss this?

I love you guys.

And vanish LOL :rofl:

:rofl: at least it isn’t this

It took me a good 10 seconds to re-read and realize you edited it.

But yeah, I’ve made a fuss over it sometimes giving me 3 ticks. T_T

As a developer myself, there’s nothing more annoying when a player targets us for fixing “small” things. It may be small to you, but these small details all together make the game what it is.

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you missed the joke

I mean I guess so. I keep reading it and the only thing I’m understanding is the obvious. ¯ \ (ツ)

Edit: Unless the joke was that I’m the only one that “misses” the buff, in which case I did get but was maybe too obvious. o_O

I don’t play a priest, but I think this is a bad change. If this is because of the exploit where you could use mind control to get rid of the Honorless Target buff, I think it’s a poor hack of a solution. If this is because the developers do not like the idea of mind control, then I am even more disappointed.

Part of the reason why I play Classic is because of the myriad unique small bits of the game, such as this, that create a more interesting whole. Not everything is perfectly balanced or part of some grand unified design; I think this is part of what gives Classic its character.

Changes like this seem more in line with the design philosophy that governs Retail. This change isn’t some massive alteration that is going to destroy Classic, but it does seem like a small erosion of what I find so interesting about the game.

I can only hope that the developer team will not make further changes in the same vein as this one.


The joke was, you, a Shaman, missed the most important shammy thing in the post, making the CM sad, so he curses your totem to be the only one that does not work.

I will try a better joke next time.

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Ok, so I did get it right but…missed the more intimate meaning.

I am also to blame for being slow, so it’s all good. :stuck_out_tongue:

And were over here still getting hit by melee from 15 yards away and Feign death still not working correctly.

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Crazy how hunter was a a really good pvp class that was lots of fun once you mastered it.

And now its just a giant pile of burning dog crap like retail.

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Can you confirm that BG holiday reputation was increased for wsg? I saw increased honor but the same 200 rep total for a win (3 caps included)

@kaivax can you resolve shadow oil? Hundreds of people are officially pissed at the fact that shadow oil has some internal cooldown when frost oil doesnt

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