WoW Classic Version 1.13.4 Patch Notes

AV problems, botters, exploits, gold sellers? Screw those fixes, those mounts are too bright! Get somebody on that stat!

Somebody could be blinded,…or something!


Thanks for the update! Looking forward to trying AB and soon enough ZG release, did have a little giggle at all the toxic dudes above me who haven’t left their home in 15 years


Oh my god finally

This has been one of my biggest annoyances with Hunter in Classic, how when I pull a mob and send my pet in, my pet takes forever to use Growl because it tries to position itself behind the mob and ends up dropping out of melee distance for a bit.


it’s almost like those problems are much more complex and take longer to solve

imagine that


Is this why we were able to sometimes drink between p1 and p2?


You either lack a sense of humor or you are a quisling. Don’t worry you don’t need to defend the multi billion dollar company against my jokes. They are fine without you. Honestly.

Thank you for your contribution.


“haha I was just joking haha you fell for it haha”



yes this is why

Sorry but isn’t this the kind of changes that shifted the vanilla, tbc sandboxy experience to the restrict all fun and games possible of retail?.

Isn’t because of these small gimmicks and funs you could have in vanilla and tbc that we wanted it in the first place?..

You guys are seriously, SERIOUSLY out of touch with your community, god damn.

Start stripping the fun out of the game and you’ll end up with retail.


This is a ridiculously bad change. So you’re singling out one class that can’t use a spell in pvp. What’s next? Fear not usable because it makes the character lose control of themselves? Cheap Shot because you can’t act?


While you are at bug fixing hunter please fix buffs on Hunter Pets running out while the pet is dismissed or if you are logged out (while debuffs stay forever).

Since you also made clear that Classic has nothing to do with #vanilla anymore with all the #changes you could also make all Attack Power from world buffs count for ranged too.


omegalul yes it has been made extremely clear through no means whatsoever

I’m just glad to see perdition’s got some love.


If it’s an Honorless Target why you gotta MC them? you can kill them just fine. THE ONLY reason you’re MCing a low enough lvl where they aren’t worth honor is cause you’re trolling them.


As a hunter, I would like to say thanks for fixing a nonissue.

Oh and that Thunderfury brightness change that is mint.

Of all the issues in the game these are the ones you all address, how do these items surpass every other bug you know exists or should I say Not a Bug for hunters due to reference client being used as a copout


The games not up yet? I just dced from the game.

Is there a reason (gameplay or technical) that content unlocks have been happening at 3pm Pacific the day after the patch instead of just being unlocked as soon as servers come back up? It doesn’t bother me, not complaining, just curious.


Does this mean I can’t mind control lowbie Horde and give them Powerword Fort as a friendly gift anymore?.. Cuz that really kinda sucks.

  • Fixed a bug where horde cave in AV is already 1/4 of the way down the map.

My initial response to the hunter pet change is that it is good?

We now can control the path our pet takes to the mob we are fighting.

On fights like Ragnaros and Onyxia I routinely noticed my pet attacking from the lava or on onyxia’s tail. In BWL i havent’ been able to keep my pet alive on most boss fights reliably. Surely this change will change something…for the better though? I dunno.