WoW Classic Version 1.13.4 Patch Notes

Is there a reason (gameplay or technical) that content unlocks have been happening at 3pm Pacific the day after the patch instead of just being unlocked as soon as servers come back up? It doesn’t bother me, not complaining, just curious.


Does this mean I can’t mind control lowbie Horde and give them Powerword Fort as a friendly gift anymore?.. Cuz that really kinda sucks.

  • Fixed a bug where horde cave in AV is already 1/4 of the way down the map.

My initial response to the hunter pet change is that it is good?

We now can control the path our pet takes to the mob we are fighting.

On fights like Ragnaros and Onyxia I routinely noticed my pet attacking from the lava or on onyxia’s tail. In BWL i havent’ been able to keep my pet alive on most boss fights reliably. Surely this change will change something…for the better though? I dunno.

Hmm, I don’t think they mean “targets that give no honor” but instead targets that have the “Honorless Target” status because they just landed on a flight path or something. Which makes sense.

I mean honestly, if we can kill a lowbie opposite faction but cannot MC and buff them then what is the point of life :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, that’s correct. :slight_smile:


Can you provide a community update on the situation with botting?

I ran across 4 yesterday in tanaris, farmers, all hunters with pigs and chinese named pigs, reported them, does blizzard do anything?


If you’re smart, you’ll notice that you actually have more control over your pets now. They won’t stand in fire or lava just because the boss turns.

Cone attack coming? Mousewheel-Down. Pets are dumb beasts. Don’t blame the pet when it dies to dragon breath… blame the hunter.

He clearly doesn’t have a cool mount…So they had to screw with us.

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Nope…They banned me for 3 days for and i quote * Over reporting and or abusing such service*…Go figure.

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Player-controlled pets now move in a straight line to their target when commanded to attack, rather than defaulting to behind the target.

bout time

Yeah but it was funny tho right? Everyone gets into position… tank has time to stand in the perfect spot, whole raid is drinking to full, LMAO

Damn Nef was busted week 1. That was so funny. Our discord when he flew off was like “What?”

I haven’t actually seen him fly off for a bit, I think this is actually something different than what I was thinking. We’ve been able to stop and drink immediately during p2, when Nef lands and our tank grabs aggro. Not every time so far, but half the time. I guess he would fly off for a good bit? That would be kind of nice and certainly amusing to see.

And feral druids still lose all their energy after using Ferocious Bite. But thank god the particle effects for mounts has been looked at.


Send pet from behind target?

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Finishing move that causes damage per combo point and converts each extra point of energy into 1 additional damage. Damage is increased by your Attack Power.


It was kinda fun with the baskilis in SV though. The lizard would start to cast the sleep on the pet, and the pet would start going in circles around it until it was put to sleep. Looked like they were dancing.

Wonder if that’s why power shifting is a thing…

Because it literally says in the tool tip that it uses all energy…