WoW Classic Update Schedule and Free Character Moves

What is it going to take to look at the faction balance on these servers and only allow one or the other faction to xfer in???

@Blizzard Please consider checking faction balance first! On my realm, there are so many alliance that it will be a disaster trying to world pvp and hunting the 1 or 2 horde that are out in a zone.


While the faction imbalance is very annoying and something that is also important in ensuring Classic servers stays healthy. If they were to go and block transfers from the underrepresented faction and “encourage” the over-represented faction to transfer that isn’t really going to fix anything. People who are part of the 70% faction aren’t going to want to transfer, because why would they. Then you’d just have these long queues and all the people part of that 30% faction are just going to flood the forums with complaints that there are long queues and they can’t leave the server. People who are part of that over-represented faction are more likely to be happy to sit in a queue because they know when they get in they’re going to have fun playing, while the underrepresented faction players just won’t want to log on because why bother sitting through a long queue just to constantly get camped because there are 5x as many enemies in each zone as allies.

How would you go about trying to fix that beyond just blocking certain factions from transferring because I don’t see that fixing the problem.


Had blizzard ever done anything ever to address faction balance?


As alliance on Heartseeker, i couldn’t agree more. Its ridiculous to see 3 or 4 horde getting chain ganked on the way to BRM because that’s all there is. Think about when there’s actually honor attached to it…



Where did you find that?

1.5 Billion in revenue this quarter and they still cant fix the crappy servers? Good game.


What a mess
P2 could have been epic


1.5 billion in revenue with crappy servers? Why WOULD they fix things? Business make money by cutting costs, not by improving product. Welcome to late stage capitalism


slow clap bravo

Imagine wanting this

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So Blizzard’s answer to their garbage server code not being able to handle mass PvP that a bunch of EU nerds hosting private servers out of their basement could is to just further spread out the population?

Also thanks for opening free xfers off Skeram so that we can lose the rest of our alliance pop. 3:1 horde favored ratio btw.


I’m on heartseeker too and if we don’t get about 3500 horde from this transfer we are all screwed, Welcome to the gulag


How about actually committing to a set date. Push these server xfers now. Release the content ON TIME. We all cleared Molten Core in september and are very bored.

For the love of god, stop allowing alliance to transfer from ‘X’ to Heartseeker! We are full, just send more horde. its like 80/20 in favor of alliance and pvp is going to be unbearable for horde, and boring for alliance.


It’s the same on Stalagg but mostly Horde. This suits the ranking guilds on Alliance, but for the rest of Alliance on Stalagg…I hate to say but xfer to Heartseeker if you don’t want to be camp ganked into quitting.


Only way I see this being fixed is dont create xserver BGs. People will flock to the underpopulated factions to get in on more Bgs and rank faster with less competition until pops even out


Imagine reopening server destroying free transfers right after controversy about P2 and the terrible quality of the servers and their inability to support even a moderate amount of players in a single area. To add to that, imagine also telling players that these transfers may close without notice to instill panic in people to transfer as soon as possible or be left on the dead realm.

All to deflect negative press and save costs on providing actual servers.


Grobbulus to BB when? :frowning:

No faction balance control mechanisms in mind?

Y U DO DIS??!?!?


The horde only wishes… Maybe then they can put up a fight on BRM?