WoW Classic Update Schedule and Free Character Moves

I didn’t report it (as it was already buried by the time I read it), but when you start off the post saying “You’re an idiot”, you have to expect that it will get flagged.

From what I can tell, they have no reason to move. The top guilds are focused on what will give them the best shot at R14, and that appears to be Alliance guilds moving from Horde dominated servers (Stalagg) to Heartseeker. Blizzard must’ve not gotten feedback about what server transfers did last time.

Only appears imbalanced cause people raid log these days.

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Like how they didn’t get feedback about azerite gear in bfa alpha beta testing? Ajaja

Open both faction transfers off 3:1 population faction servers what could go wrong.


Lol not everyone has that option. People cannot xfer off heartseeker to another US server.


This would be a fantastic opportunity to do faction specific server transfers first… prioritize Horde:Alliance ratios


Still waiting on a viable option to consolidate my account.

Your free transfers arent helping alot of us.

Been fine for me… and ive been in 300 player wpvp battles

Is this seriously a joke??

I am so pissed xfers to Heartseeker are open again. I sincerely implore Alliance not to come to HS. You are leaving the server for the exact problem that will be exacerbated on both servers if you do.

I have no words that Blizzard could care less for the health of their servers for the sake of fixing the horrid launch they created in the first place.

@Kaivax and not a word about it. This is the worst communication I have ever experienced from Blizzard or any company period, and at this point I’m just disappointed with the entire way you’re handling it.

Also, why can’t I report the OP of this thread for trolling. This is 11/10 trolling.


Why are you going to let the factions become even more unbalanced than they are now? This is not very efficient management of the realms, players choose pvp servers for a reason, world pvp adds so much to the game and you eroding it every time you allow blind realm transfers for each faction.


Easy fix to wpvp lag without spending a dime on the game.

Just remove one of the two faction. Oh and transfer can end at any time better hurry xD


Blizz Dev 1 “Classic’s too successful, what if shareholders see these numbers and want us to do BC, or WotLK classic!?”

Blizz Dev 2 “Even worse, what if our lord and saviour he who rules the 100 acre woods with an iron fist wants it!? We’ll have to spend more time on giving players good games and less time writing Sylvanas fan fiction!!”

BD 3 “Don’t worry guys- I know how we can fix this.”



Don’t worry guys, there won’t be lag in WPvP because it will consist of the same factions meeting in STV Arena and killing each other =/

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Petition to change the dev with the people from fightclub discord

Then there is a queue on the over populated server with the option for the overwhelming faction to transfer.

If people insist on staying on mega servers, they should incur a queue as has always been the case.

Instead both server’s open world is ruined by carte blanche transfers.

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Yea, sure that would help. But what are the odds they do something like that. Pretty sure close to zero.

Maledictus, what you have just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

50 DKP minus

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LOL I Am so glad I re rolled from heartseeker, and even happier to see my server isn’t going to be a part of this mess. This is the final nail on the coffin for allot of realms. These forums are going to be on fire on the 14th. 80-20 ratios on most of the servers and now its just going to get even worse. The invisible hand or le sais fair approach doesn’t work for balance unless you can provide an incentive for the majority faction to move. Right now the only incentive to move is to not get body camped by 15 people until you are forced to just give up or have a negative experience.

Yes, there are players who want to move to realms where they are the minority to balance things out, but they are not the majority of the players that are moving.

Adding Faction specific ques would provide the majority faction all the incentive they would need to move or re roll, if Blizzard looked at their data for the overall faction balance across pvp realms they could then decide on a target ratio for each server, say 60% majority to 40% minority for example, If the population ratio went past that the dominant faction would then need to wait in a que to join. Other games have done this that focused on large scale world pvp, look at planetside 2 as an example.

That way you aren’t forcing people to play a certain way, but you are providing a reasonable consequence in exchange for the overall health of the game. People can choose to sit in a que or move/re roll, its still on them.