WoW Classic Stress Test 1

Put more people in the beta, damnit!

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Thanks for the opportunity. I hope we will get clarification for next time if our role was just to be login stress testers. Hoping to be able to partake next time around…


so…we were just login bots pretty much?


Yeah this is expected. We are doing what is supposed to be done, stressing out the server. Hearing the music again is wonderful. I’ve been wiping to the character selection boss, but it’s still awesome! Rock on everyone!

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any word on what happened with those of us unable to get in?

Spelled streamers wrong


Thank you for the invitation to participate in this stress test!

Here are my results, if it will prove useful in any way:

It was 9.00am on Thursday here in Australia, so I had to work, but I did manage to have a few goes at logging in around 45 minutes after the test started.

In all 4 cases, I made it through the login queue, the first two attempts the realm was locked and it disconnected me when I tried to join it, the second two attempts I found the realm offline.

Now, if I may - a word from me to those here having a whinge about not being able to get in and play during this test… please calm down. It was clearly labelled a stress test, and it should be expected that Blizzard invited many more people than they knew they had capacity to serve - that’s the very nature of a stress test, it’s to see how much a given set of infrastructure can cope with.

Your attempts to log in today have helped to give the team at Blizzard valuable information and data that will make the actual launch much better.

At the end of the day, that’s what we all want, and this is a stepping stone on that path. Please show these guys some respect and compassion, they’re going above and beyond to make this game as good as it can be!


Soooo, are you going to up the character limit so everyone who got an invite can play, or are we just stuck?


that seems to be case

No one was able to get on at all. How was they testing anything since the servers was offline the whole stress time?

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Literally every streamer was and are there right now as we speak


But why is that such a bad thing? Are they not allowed to enjoy the test?

There better be a blue post clarifying exactly what transpired tonight, otherwise you’re going to lose all your login bots for the next stress test. Fool me once…


Exactly, not doing this again, that’s for sure.


Pro streamers ruin everything for just non pro streamers.


Thanks, I tried this and got to the character screen and couldn’t get any further :frowning:


What a piss poor effort of a blizz post. No ‘we are sorry we screwed 80% of the wow community out of testing’.


I am here for the tests but this was kind of disappointing… 2 hours of trying to get in and then it is locked. at least let us build a character or something…

Well received my stress test email, downloaded / installed the client , started game, logged in with no problems at all. But since then been stuck for an hour trying to create a new character to no avail. Just repeatedly getting Character creation timeouts

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