WoW Classic Stress Test 1

Im really interested in testing out various starting zones in the allotted time and various classes and see if certain abilities have increased lag due to the stress test

I’ll participate as long as no sub is required

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I won’t be able to play in that time window.
I won’t be able to purge HERITICS.


This was useful information, thank you.

However, I would have preferred to be closed beta tester, not just meat to check layering.


That’s… that’s not… that’s not how this works. If you invent or create something, you retain the rights to it. It’s not a monopoly if you don’t let others make their own versions of it, it’s your legal right to your own intellectual property.


I just wanna play wow, not bfa, WoW


That’s fine, I wasn’t saying that you were wrong to want to play World of Warcraft: Base Game. I was saying that it’s not accurate to call it a monopoly. That’s just how it works when someone makes something like a game.

Like, if you wanted to play Skyrim but not the expansions or special edition, you still have to pay for it and get it from Bethesda on some level (every copy of Skyrim came from Bethesda somewhere along the line, and if it didn’t then it’s not a legal product).

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Is it the same criteria for beta then being subs only? as that seems to really limit the testing pool which is disappointing.

Oh shoot I can reply on here without a sub, nice.
Yeah been 6-7 months for me, won’t be back until August.

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If they’re seeing it right now, they’re probably in the beta, it appears more new people were surfacing throughout the day on Monday.


Time to get out the pitchforks again :D.

I don’t even get off work until 4 - then with an hour+ commute - then dinner - I don’t think I can make the focus window. sigh

Was really looking forward to Stress Test day since I haven’t gotten into the beta… Really sad now knowing it’ll only be 2 hours and it’s gonna be while I’m at work. I still have the WoW Classic Demo from blizzcon downloaded on my PC… Was really wanting to have a Classic summer and not just a month of classic in my summer :confused:

Stress testers need an active sub as well? ~_~

on the off chance that this isn’t satire: Blizz has made crystal clear you are NOT getting a beta invite unless you are subbed.

Is there any chance you could give a little insight as to how access is being rolled out? Lots of us are constantly refreshing our clients to see if we’ve randomly gotten it since e-mails are coming much later than it showing up in the client. If we knew roughly how often new waves were sent out we could stop refreshing so often and just check when the waves come.

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And I know first hand several people that have gotten access WITHOUT a sub but to actually play do require a sub.

Edit: So either they are blowing smoke or the left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing.

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They want us to go through the hassle of downloading the client and showing up on time to do free testing for them and then a few hrs later we get booted out, max level 5… whilst others have been leveling all the way up to what, 40 now, exploring and playing the game to its fullest.

No. The beta players can do your precipus stress test. Theyve got some nerve asking for more players who wont be able to access beta after the stress.

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Hey everybody. Just here to tell you you’re probably not getting into the beta, like 99% of players. Once you accept that you can stop being so bitter about the stress tests. they’re here to help blizzard make launch as ideal as possible and gather data. Hence the name “stress test”. Expect to actually play classic on the 26th/27th of august.


Sniff sniff…looks like realm restarting in 5 min is back on the menu boys