WoW Classic Stress Test 1

has the selection process for the stress test been done yet or is that happening sometime tomorrow?


log in to sit in my starter zone for 2 hours to test your servers? Sounds like free labor to me. No Beta invite, no thanks. Ive got Azerite to farm and WQs to do.


More than likely a subscription or game time will still be needed to have your account in active status.

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Fingers crossed friend!


I can already see the crying after the test is over and people cant “test” any more.

There will be gnashing of teeth and TONS of complaint threads.

In before all the crying over “I don’t see the download yet” “When do we get the download” “Did I not get in? No download”.


Let me in

Let me innnnn!!


Is there a time frame for the selection, or should I just keep refreshing my client every 15 minutes then cry myself to sleep?


when will new invites go out tho or did they

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Im not crying youre crying


It isn’t a different login. They’ve consolidated the stress test servers to the beta servers.

“App has changed to “Beta & Stress Test: WoW Classic.”"

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Hopefully invites didn’t go out yet, keeping my fingers crossed and currently refreshing my battle net every 10 minutes.


Just be grateful they are testing this, even if it is only 2 hours. To prevent launches like WOD (no offense Blizzard) I think it’s perfect that they will have a focus point of mass people. Imagine launch day, say (all serious) if 100k (which I think will be a gross underestimate) players trying to kill Kolbolds… Troggs…Cactucs Pineapple! I mean you are taking a INSANE density of players and making things very difficult. This will prove to be a very useful test.

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is it a full beta invite or just a 2 hour stress test?thats looks bad if you let people in to the stress test and then not the beta.

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How could this look any worse ? lol

It’s a day long stress test but they are monitoring the 2 hour window on Wednesday. so it ends Thursday at 6pm PDT

so?its not a full beta invite it sounds like they let you in the stres test then not the beta.

i dont care to stress test if they want me to help give a full beta invite or no deal.i can wait to play classic wow in augest.


Honestly, I think “Launch Day” will probably be one of (key word “of”) their biggest launches. They need to provide servers to accommodate the masses. Lets be honest, the hype right now is VERY real, VERY high and will continue to just grow.


I’m just loving the “I’m not testing until you give me full beta access” posts. Hahahaha


Without proper stress testing you may not be playing in August’s launch.

Servers could crash. They could miss numbers and you may be in a long queue.

It’s best to test these things.