WoW Classic Stress Test 1

too edgy for me


based and redpilled


They dont even deserve your sub. But they have a monopoly on the game

but do we get to stay in beta after stress test? Also how do I know that I won’t be invited.


Will the people who get in for this stress test get to stay for the beta afterwards?

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Isn’t there an island in STV a little before the Westfall border I think to the left of a waterfall?

I remember shacks on the island but I don’t recall any NPCs or mobs

3k lv one hogger gankfest


I would think no, because its a different login, therefor nope.

People often misuse the word ‘monopoly’ but that takes the cake.


Guess I won’t be there. I’ll be at work.

Seems a little odd to have such a short stress test, but if level 5 is the cap, then fair enough.


The only Island I can think of in that area is the island that was originally where the Zandalari Trolls lived after being evicted from Zul’Gurub. The original ZG reputation hub was there and all the Zandalari Trolls wandered around the island. Today that island is deserted but back in Vanilla it was populated.

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surprised people couldnt come to the conclusion that if you get the beta stress test drop down, ofc you arent sticking around passed the stress test , even the level 5 cap should be a clear indicator x.X i get it we all want in this beta hellllaaaa bad

But the statement is still true!

Well, now. If they deliver a good, reasonably accurate Classic experience, they’ll deserve my sub, won’t they? And it does seem like that’s what we’re going to get, assuming they can work out a few kinks in the layering system.

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lol if the gurubashi arena chest is up we should definitely have a horde vs alliance battle there and settle the score.


imagine the trail of skeletons from westfall all the way throguh duskwoo, and STV . same for barens xD

We will call it the bone road event.


cant wait to see if the servers hold up

Paving a new Path of Glory using your own bones. Thats some serious dedication to construction.


Like the mentioned on ClassiCast, if the numbers are as high as people are hoping for… 800-1000 people in Valley, should be impressive data gathering. Hopes to be there!

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When will invites for it go out?


Will users that don’t currently have a live subscription but have opted be invited to the stress test?

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